The Lincoln Lawyer – Netflix Renews It For Season 2

The Lincoln Lawyer is an American legal drama television series developed and written for television by Michael Connelly based on his book The Brass Verdict. Starring Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Neve Campbell Becki Newton Angus Sampson & Christopher Gorham the series airs weekly.

The series centers around criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller, who works out of his Lincoln Town Car and defends those at the bottom of legal hierarchies.

Who is Mickey Haller?

After an impressive first season, Netflix renewed The Lincoln Lawyer for two two-part seasons. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo returns as Mickey Haller, the criminal defense attorney operating out of his Lincoln cars and representing clients at the bottom of legal food chains. Haller is an amicable yet conscientious character whose detestable by police and prosecutors alike; even some of his clients wish he’d stop representing them!

Though its storyline varies from Michael Connelly’s six Lincoln Lawyer novels, most of the main cast is back together – Neve Campbell plays Maggie McPherson; Becki Newton portrays Lorna; Jazz Raycole is personal driver Izzy; and Angus Sampson reprises his role as Cisco. Krista Werner and Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine reprise their roles of Hayley and Detective Raymond Griggs respectively.

Haller takes on Lisa Trammell as his new client in Season 2, accused of killing a real estate developer and garnering national media coverage. Before the case spirals out of control, however, Haller discovers a potential conspiracy involving both parties involved – the developer in question as well as an area mobster.

Haller hasn’t felt this close to truth since his revelation of jury fix in Menendez trial, leaving him disillusioned with law and determined to quit it altogether. Still, he keeps trying to improve his relationship with Hayley by spending Wednesday nights together at Dupar’s Restaurant.

Season 2 expands on the narrative from Season 1, introducing a new defendant and expanding on its narrative with additional players like podcasters interested in the case, prosecutor Yaya DaCosta (Yaya), Haller’s ex-wife Maggie, Archway Studios (a fictional film studio), as well as references to Harry Bosch novels like Trunk Music, A Darkness More Than Night and Lost Light (continuity nods).

Where have I seen Manuel Garcia-Rulfo before?

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo’s character Mickey Haller in Netflix’s legal drama series The Lincoln Lawyer is well-known. This role, which follows LA defence attorney Mickey Haller’s trials and victories as LA Defense Attorney Mickey Haller, brought him much acclaim; but he’s been seen in other popular hits like Murder on the Orient Express, Widows, and Sicario 2: Day of Soldado too! Additionally he’s become highly sought after as a music video director!

Garcia-Rulfo’s sights set on expanding their filmography, Garcia-Rulfo plans on directing more films, including an adaptation of Pedro Paramo that will mark cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto’s feature debut as well as Tenoch Huerta playing Juan Preciado and Yoshira Escarrega playing Carmen with Ilse Salas, Mayra Batalla, Hector Kotsifakis and Roberto Sosa all appearing.

The Lincoln Lawyer features both familiar faces and fresh talent in its cast. Matt Angel (The Wrath of Becky) joins as Henry Dahl, a crime podcaster while Lana Parilla (Once Upon a Time) portrays Lisa Trammell – a local chef facing murder charges – while Yaya DaCosta (Chicago Med) takes the role of prosecutor Andrea Freeman while Krista Warner assumes Maggie’s narcissistic daughter Hayley.

No word yet on when Season 3 of The Lincoln Lawyer will return, but all the cast is likely to return. THR confirmed that Season 3 would focus on Michael Connelly’s fourth novel of the series – The Fifth Witness. However, Neve Campbell (Maggie McPherson) will not be returning.

Fans will likely be delighted to learn of an imminent third season of The Lincoln Lawyer, created by Mike Binder and Ted Humphrey and based on Michael Connelly novels. So far five novels from his Lincoln Lawyer series have been adapted into TV movies while four remain to be adapted into television versions.

Will there be a Season 3?

The Lincoln Lawyer is an entertaining legal thriller series that mixes legal thrillers with LA food tours for an engaging viewing experience. Fans have taken to the show, which Netflix recently renewed for another season. Season two’s two-part finale featured Mickey pitting himself against prosecutor Andy Freeman (Yaya DaCosta), over Lisa Trammell’s murder. Unfortunately, Lana Parrilla didn’t survive that scene but may return in some capacity during Season 3.

Netflix announced on August 30, 2023 that The Lincoln Lawyer had been renewed for a third season with 10 episodes, and that Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Becki Newton, Jazz Raycole, Angus Sampson and Yaya DaCosta would all return for it. Neve Campbell who plays Maggie McPherson may come back for guest appearances at some point in future seasons.

Reviving this show is an encouraging move. Season 2 proved highly popular, making both global and U.S. top 10 lists for Netflix shows. This success should help the show gain new fans; it will be interesting to observe its development over time.

Though we don’t yet know all the details, it’s likely that season three will focus on Michael Connelly’s fifth book in his series: The Gods of Guilt. Similarly, its predecessor seasons adapted material from The Brass Verdict and The Fifth Witness for inspiration.

Writers and actors for Season Three have not begun work yet due to contract negotiations between their employers and themselves. Though it’s likely they’ll resume production when this issue has been settled, we could still have to wait a bit until new episodes premiere on Netflix – until then you can stream Seasons I-II as an enjoyable way of keeping yourself amused until Mickey Haller and his towncar are back on our screens!

What’s the storyline for Season 2?

Netflix was quick to capitalize on The Lincoln Lawyer’s massive success in May 2022 by renewing the legal drama based on Michael Connelly’s series of novels for a second season, premiering both halves on July 6 and August 3 respectively. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo reprises his role of Mickey Haller while other cast members include Neve Campbell, Becki Newton, Angus Sampson Jazz Raycole Krista Warner Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine Angelica Maria all appear.

Mickey will find himself faced with a high-profile and complex murder case in season two of Lincoln Lawyer. Representing Lisa Trammell – an upstanding local chef at odds with an unscrupulous real estate developer – it will be Mickey’s task to prove her innocence before the court system.

There is also the possibility that the season 2 finale could wrap up the subplot surrounding who really killed Martha Renteria from Season 1. However, this is just speculation and should not be taken as fact.

Mickey may become involved with Julian La Cosse, an accused murderer being held for Giselle Days’ death – she worked closely with Mickey last season on the case that led to Jesus Menendez’s release from incarceration. La Cosse could prove an interesting plot point during season 2.

Julian believes he knows Mickey and asks for assistance to deal with Giselle. While Mickey doesn’t recognize her, he nevertheless agrees to assist Julian and help get out of his situation.

However, when Mickey visits the morgue and sees Giselle’s body he realizes something is amiss. Turns out she was Gloria Dayton from Menendez trial – Giselle being Gloria Dayton who recently told Mickey she was off to Hawaii to visit family – setting off yet more questions in Season 3. This introduces an entirely new set of issues which must be answered during Season 3.