The Lincoln Lawyer Returns to Netflix

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The Lincoln Lawyer was one of the most-watched new television shows of 2022 and it has just been renewed for a second season. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo plays Mickey Haller, an attorney who practices criminal law out of the back seat of his Lincoln town car.

David E. Kelley was known for creating network legal dramas like L.A. Law, The Practice, and Boston Legal in the 90s and 2000s.

The Lincoln Lawyer is a series of novels written by Michael Connelly.

Those interested in legal dramas will enjoy The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix. Based on Michael Connelly novels, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo stars as Los Angeles defense attorney Mickey Haller in this acclaimed legal series that debuted last season to great acclaim before it was renewed for another round. David E Kelley created it, who also created other popular legal series such as L.A. Law, Boston Legal and Picket Fences.

The series follows Haller as he attempts to get his clients off with just a warning wag of the finger, using any means necessary – even crossing ethical lines – in order to achieve his goal of freedom for his clients. While not always successful, he does not give up.

One of the most unique elements of the series is that it takes place within the same world as Michael Connelly’s Bosch novels, featuring characters such as Haller who share a father and Hieronymous Bosch (also portrayed in Amazon series).

Although the books span multiple time periods and locations, the Netflix series takes place in modern day. Some character names have changed and plot points differ slightly compared to what was written in the books; for instance Earl (Haller’s driver) in the books listens to Three Six Mafia and Tupac; however on Netflix he prefers jazz music.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo stars as LA defense attorney Mickey Haller in The Lincoln Lawyer, which follows him through an intricate murder case that will test his legal career to the core. Created by L.A. Law, Picket Fences, Boston Legal and other hits; its 10 episode first season can now be found streaming on Netflix.

Neve Campbell will not return for season two of The Lincoln Lawyer. Instead, she is leaving to join Avalon under David E Kelley’s guidance after previously appearing in L.A. Law and The Practice as executive producer.

Lana Parrilla will join The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 cast as Lisa Trammell, a chef who struggles to keep her restaurant open despite predatory real estate developers. Parrilla previously appeared on Why Women Kill and Once Upon a Time.

The series is based on the novels The Brass Verdict and The Fifth Witness.

Michael Connelly has had great success adapting his books into television series. Already two of them exist: Bosch and its spinoff, Legacy; with a third one planned that will focus on Mickey Haller from LAPD detective Harry Bosch’s half brother (LAPD detective Harry Bosch is often involved with Haller). Unfortunately though, neither series will cross over; instead Manuel Garcia-Rulfo who plays Haller will star instead.

The Lincoln Lawyer is a courtroom drama depicting a criminal defense attorney from Los Angeles operating out of a Lincoln Town Car. His charm endears him to clients while remaining true to law at times; yet at other times reckless behaviour arises as well as lying for personal gain.

Although the show is based on Michael Connelly’s books, its adaptation for television has seen significant alterations; characters have been altered significantly while plot points have been simplified to fit an hour-long format. It stands as an outstanding example of how television shows can be scaled down to work well on smaller screens.

While only being a television series, The Fifth Witness has received rave reviews from critics and viewers alike. A hit on Netflix, its second season is expected to premiere soon with Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Neve Campbell, Becki Newton Jazz Raycole and Angus Sampson all featured as actors onscreen. Furthermore, its renewal guarantees it will focus on The Fifth Witness novel adaptation for inspiration.

The Lincoln Lawyer was shot primarily in Los Angeles, California. Filming took place at various locations around Los Angeles such as Downtown LA, Miracle Mile Mall, and Wilshire Ebell Theatre. Many scenes were shot on location with our production team working tirelessly to ensure everything looked realistic – this has led many viewers to describe The Lincoln Lawyer as being “slick, smart, and entertaining”.

The series stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller.

Ted Humphrey knew when casting The Lincoln Lawyer that director Ted Humphrey needed an actor who could portray Mickey Haller accurately while also remaining true to Michael Connelly’s novels. Mickey is half Mexican in these novels and it was important that showrunners cast someone who could capture that duality without portraying him as either drug dealer or gangster – which led them to Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as their choice for this role.

Garcia-Rulfo brings much to The Lincoln Lawyer as its new star. He’s suave yet personable, engaging the audience effectively while simultaneously portraying all the complexities of Haller’s character – making him an excellent selection for this part.

Garcia-Rulfo began his acting career in Mexico, appearing in various movies and TV shows before moving to Los Angeles where he has continued acting ever since. Here he has appeared in high-profile roles such as Heroes and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as well as films such as Farewell Amor and Queen of Katwe.

The Lincoln Lawyer takes place in Los Angeles and many scenes are shot there. According to Cinemaholic, its producers took advantage of Los Angeles as another character in the show by taking advantage of all its resources – something evident from some scenic shots in the show.

The Lincoln Lawyer is an immensely popular show on Netflix with an avid following. After its premiere on May 13, this adaptation of Michael Connelly’s books quickly rose up the ratings chart to rank in the top 10 on English TV lists worldwide – not only within its native US territory but in over 90 other nations as well. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller leads an ensemble cast that includes Neve Campbell, Becki Newton, Angus Sampson, and Jazz Raycole among many others.

The series is available on Netflix.

Legal crime dramas have quickly become an all-time favorite for Netflix viewers worldwide, from Suits and How To Get Away With Murder to The Lincoln Lawyer, all available for streaming on Friday 13 May. Based on Michael Connelly novels, this adaptation stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as LA defense attorney Mickey Haller – guaranteeing hours of addictive viewing!

This show follows an iconoclastic idealist running his law firm out of the back seat of a Lincoln town car, until deceased colleague Jerry Vincent leaves him his docket as well as a high-profile case against someone accused of killing his wife and her partner. Soon thereafter, Haller finds himself embroiled in a dangerous web of corruption, deception, and murder.

The Lincoln Lawyer launched on Netflix with an explosive launch, easily taking first place for the week with 1.85 billion minutes of viewership – an astounding accomplishment given it is only available on this platform. Ozark featuring Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei took second with 767 million minutes viewed while Senior Year featuring Rebel Wilson and Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers each recorded more than 500 million minutes.

David E Kelley’s television adaptation of Doogie Howser MD will return for season 2, along with Ted Humphrey (from Kelley’s Wisdom of the Crowd and CBS’ The Good Wife fame) serving as co-showrunner and executive producer on this season.

The Lincoln Lawyer has earned generally positive reviews from critics and audiences. Many have lauded its strong scripts, gripping story, and cast of actors – it should definitely be on anyone’s viewing list who enjoys stylish legal dramas!