Who Pays the Lawyers in a Divorce?

Divorce can be an emotional, frustrating, and expensive process. Each party must disclose all financial information, with a judge then making decisions about who will cover legal fees. In most instances, both parties are responsible for paying their own attorney fees. But in rare instances, the judge may order one spouse to cover their partner’s […]

How Much Lawyer Salary in the Philippines Is

Lawyers in the Philippines typically practice at private practice law firms and may assist clients with various legal matters including contract drafting and lawsuit filing, national security concerns, public interest cases and civil service disputes. An extraordinary career as a lawyer requires substantial dedication and hard work, yet can be immensely satisfying. Below is an […]

Where Do Lawyers Work?

Lawyers work in various settings. They may operate out of private practices, corporate legal departments, or government agencies. Most newly licensed lawyers begin as salaried associates at law firms. Over time, many become partners of these same firms with partial ownership stakes and management duties. Lawyers tend to work long hours regardless of their role […]

What Attorney Died Today?

The Brief delivers daily news that matters. Our sponsors make this possible – join them today and become part of The Brief! Larry Parker was widely respected in Southern California for his car accident and personal injury law practice and could often be found advertising across billboards in the region. According to family members speaking […]