Where the Crawdads Sing Movie Review

Where the Crawdads Sing is an adaptation of Delia Owens’ novel of the same name set in Barkley Cove, North Carolina and following Kya (Daisy Edgar-Jones).

As a young child, she was abandoned by her family and raised alone in the marshes, becoming an expert naturalist before falling for Tate, the town’s elite hunter.

Legal Background

Delia Owens, author of Where the Crawdads Sing, is an experienced naturalist and conservationist who spent several years living in Africa with her husband, studying wildlife in Botswana and Zambia while fighting elephant poachers in Botswana and Zambia. These experiences greatly informed her novel that recounts an abandoned girl living alone in North Carolina marshlands.

This book became an unexpected bestseller after its selection as Reese’s Book Club pick in September 2018; since then it has sold 12 million copies and continues its climb up the New York Times best-seller list. TikTok users also love it – more than 29 million have watched it thus far!

Movie producers have shown great interest in this story of an adolescent girl living alone in the wild, which led them to produce its movie adaptation on July 15, 2022, featuring Daisy Edgar-Jones as Kya Clark. Directed by Olivia Newman and written by Lucy Alibar, it also stars Taylor John Smith, Harris Dickinson, Ahna O’Reilly Jojo Regina and Garret Dillahunt – along with Olivia Newman herself!

Where the Crawdads Sing has received mostly positive reviews from critics, with its impressive cast consisting of both newcomers and established Hollywood talent. Furthermore, its captivating plot will appeal to readers as well as moviegoers.

This movie is adapted from Delia Owens’ popular book and follows Kya, a young girl left living alone in North Carolina marshlands after her family abandoned her. As she learns to survive in nature and become a naturalist, however her life becomes complicated when town’s hotshot quarterback is murdered and Kya becomes suspect of the crime. This gripping drama with suspenseful moments makes for one of this year’s best book-turned-movies – you can catch it streaming on Netflix today and well worth your watch!


Delia Owens’ highly popular 2018 novel Where the Crawdads Sing has now been made into a movie adaptation starring Daisy Edgar-Jones as Kya, raised alone by marshes since childhood and her struggles for independence against an unforgiving past. The tale chronicles her dramatic and poignant life story as well as its movie version being released this week.

Where the Crawdads Sing enjoyed unexpected popularity months after its publication date. It was propelled forward by both strong sales and its selection as the September 2018 Reese Witherspoon Book Club selection. Lucy Alibar’s screenplay for Where the Crawdads Sing, with its focus on nature connections between characters was also widely received.

While the movie differs significantly from its source material, many key aspects remain consistent with what was seen in the book. Set in North Carolina’s fictional Barkley Cove small town, Kya was raised by marshes after her family abandoned her; as her journey continues with trying to find acceptance within a community that perceives her as wild woman.

Flashbacks provide us with a glimpse into Kya’s isolated life as she manages to survive despite being an outsider in her hometown, often known as Marsh Girl. Her only friends in town are Tate and Jumpin’ who work at a gas station nearby.

One of the film’s strongest characteristics is its use of light. Scenes shot on location in Louisiana’s swamps and marshes under stunning sunrise and sunset lighting were captured by cinematographer Polly Morgan; her cinematography captures various hues which can make for stunning visuals as well as dynamic performances from cast members.

Though successful, the film has faced some criticisms of its treatment of indigenous people and racism. Two recent articles written by Slate’s Rachel Miller and Kathryn Schultz of The Atlantic expressed displeasure with its representation of indigenous characters as stereotypical or inaccurate; their producers responded accordingly; in particular Michael Apted stated in a statement released after screening that “the film attempts to present the real, diverse story of North Carolina. Michael Apted ultimately created an effective adaptation by recruiting an exceptional cast and crew for adaptation”.


Delia Owens’ best-selling 2018 novel “Where the Crawdads Sing” made an impressive box office run as an adaptation into film, yet was met with some controversy. Kya Clark grew up alone in a North Carolina marshland before going on to become an accomplished naturalist and writer due to her intimate connection with its environment. Yet even while isolated she craved human connections and fell for two men simultaneously; unfortunately when one turned up dead Kya became suspected as being responsible.

Daisy Edgar-Jones stars as Kya, an individual with a profound affinity with nature who is known as the Marsh Girl among locals. Since her mother’s death and other family tragedies, Kya has found refuge in nature through close ties to the marshlands; through this bond she has developed an inner strength which empowers her to overcome any challenges that come her way and start over in life.

Chase Andrews (Harris Dickinson), a footballer in her local town, seduces her before breaking up after learning that he is engaged to another woman – however she later stands accused of pushing him from a fire tower and his death.

Lucy Alibar’s screenplay for this movie is mesmerizing and captivating, using poetic prose to narrate through characters’ first-person narratives in first person point-of-view, creating a sensory experience for audiences. Cinematography was equally stellar with breathtaking marsh landscape shots as well as sunrise/sunset images that left audiences spellbound.

This film stars both established and up-and-coming actors. Daisy Edgar-Jones stars as Kya Clark while Harris Dickinson portrays Chase Andrews. Additionally, there are performances by Michael Hyatt, Garret Dillahunt, Jojo Regina, Ahna O’Reilly and Sterling Macer Jr. It was shot in New Orleans and Barkley Cove, North Carolina before being released July 15, 2017 with mixed reviews but remains highly anticipated by audiences worldwide.


Delia Owens was taken by surprise when her novel Where the Crawdads Sing became a bestseller in 2018. Since its publication, over 11 million copies have been sold worldwide with 168 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list; and now a film adaptation will soon hit theaters; though several reviews have accused it of whitewashing Native American characters.

Delia Owens’ novel takes place in a fictional North Carolina town known as Barkley Cove; while its movie adaptation takes place in Greenville – approximately an hour and a half away. Daisy Edgar-Jones stars as Kya Clark – locally dubbed as Marsh Girl by locals until meeting Tate (Tate Wilson). As they fall in love they eventually part ways but soon after his departure for college she finds herself alone once more.

The movie, based on Delia Owens’ book and supported by celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, will hit theatres on July 20, 2022. Harris Dickinson will play Chase Andrews while Ahna O’Reilly will portray Kya Clark.

Director Olivia Newman remarked to Newsweek that she felt lucky to have such an outstanding cast for her movie. She noted her delight with how seriously the actors took their roles, adding that it made the experience all the more fulfilling for her as an audience member. Olivia Newman added that she was excited about bringing the tale onto the big screen.

On July 15th, The Movie will debut in cinemas across America as an intimate coming-of-age story about a young woman struggling to find her place in life. Starring established and up-and-coming talent alike, The movie promises to please fans of both novel as well as those searching for an exciting thriller!