Which Divorce Lawyers Are Best to Handle Your Case?

No matter if it is filing for divorce or working on property settlement issues, knowing which divorce lawyers are best suited to handle these cases is essential. Consulting personal recommendations or online reviews is often enough to narrow your choices and find your match. Experienced attorneys understand the laws and judges involved in family court […]

How Much Salary Lawyer Does It Take to Be a Lawyer?

Lawyer salaries depend on their location and employer; those working in government usually earn lower pay than their private firm counterparts. Last year, New York law firm Cravath raised its first-year associate pay, setting off a trend which has since been replicated at other Big Law firms. Entry-level salaries Entry-level attorneys’ salaries depend on a […]

The Basics of Divorce

When contemplating divorce or separation, it’s generally beneficial to begin untangling finances as soon as possible. You can do this by moving assets into your individual name and ending joint credit card usage. Fault grounds for divorce include desertion, cruelty or inhuman treatment and adultery if it occurred within five years prior to filing for […]

The New York Supreme Court Oversights Lawyers’ Conduct

Lawyers and legal support staff must abide by stringent ethical standards. A code of conduct lays out expectations that may lead to sanctions such as admonishment, reprimand, censure and suspension from practice. The WSBA consists of a Board of Governors and volunteer lawyers serving on committees charged with investigating complaints. Their grievance process serves to […]