Extraordinary Attorney Woo – Which Attorney Woo Character Are You?

Young-woo is the latest addition to Hanbada law firm and an extraordinary talent yet shy individual. Her photographic memory and an IQ score of 164 make her stand out, yet she shows signs of autism through echolalia (repeating other people’s words back) and anxiety-related blunt honesty. She manages complex legal cases thanks to Jung Myung-seok, […]

Why Family Law is Important

Family law is an expansive field that touches upon many areas, from marriage and divorce to child custody and support arrangements, cohabitation agreements, similar to prenuptial agreements, cohabitation contracts and even cohabitation agreements – to name just some aspects. Family law is vitally important because it ensures families can remain financially stable during unanticipated circumstances, […]

How Much Do Family Law Paralegals Make?

Family law encompasses more than simply divorce; in reality, its practice spans an array of issues. Paralegals who specialize in this area provide attorneys with assistance throughout their processes, handling legal files and working directly with clients while conducting rigorous research. Education Requirements Family Law paralegals generally need an associate’s degree in paralegal studies and […]

New York Attorneys: Who Oversees Lawyers?

In New York, oversight of lawyer conduct lies with the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court and its attorney grievance committees, comprised of both attorneys and non-attorneys working full time to receive, investigate and prosecute attorney misconduct complaints. The American Bar Association has taken strong positions against federal agency policies and proposed rules which seek […]