The Lincoln Lawyer Cast – Who is Mickey Haller?

where is lincoln lawyer from

Anybody looking for a good legal drama should watch The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo stars as Mickey Haller, an attorney operating from his Lincoln Town Car.

This series is inspired by Michael Connelly’s 2008 novel The Brass Verdict and was developed by David E. Kelley and Ted Humphrey.

Lincoln Lawyer Locations

The Lincoln Lawyer was shot entirely in Los Angeles, the hub of America’s television industry, so it should come as no surprise that its cast includes such an impressive array of actors and picturesque locales as found here. Notable among them are Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe and William H. Macy; while William H. Macy makes up half the cast as well. Based on Michael Connelly’s book series of the same name published as book series by Berkley Publishing Co Ltd in May 2022 by Netflix while developed by Ted Humphrey who worked on The Good Wife series.

The Lincoln Lawyer premiered its inaugural season on May 13th 2022 and features 10 episodes. It follows Mickey Haller, an attorney specializing in criminal law who often practices out of his Lincoln Town Car and has an excellent track record for representing clients successfully. After suffering an unfortunate surfing accident and recovering from its aftermath, Mickey embarks on what could be his largest case yet – taking on murder cases against alleged suspects who could lead to jail time for murderers.

While based on Michael Connelly’s books, this legal drama stands out with its distinctive style that stands it out from others in its genre. Fast-paced and with well-developed characters, this must-watch series should not be missed! Fans of legal thrillers should give this show their full consideration.

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine of Sons of Anarchy and Southland fame as well as roles in movies including Marvel Cinematic Universe productions are featured prominently. Jazz Raycole, Angus Sampson, Christopher Gorham and Neve Campbell can also be found within its cast.

As much as the first season of The Lincoln Lawyer was a hit, its fate is unclear at this time. While fans enjoyed it immensely, there has yet to be an announcement whether or when there will be another installment of this popular show on Netflix. We can only hope that its producers choose to renew it and ensure another hit season for viewers!

Lincoln Lawyer Cast

The Lincoln Lawyer cast is comprised of some of the world’s best actors and actresses from different films and television shows, both main characters as well as supporting players from Michael Connelly’s novels. If you would like more information on any actor or actress listed here, just click their name to be taken to a page with more info about them.

Netflix has proven itself a hit with The Lincoln Lawyer’s debut season and renewed it for another installment, scheduled to premiere sometime around 2023. Fans are already eagerly awaiting what may happen next!

One of the many intriguing elements of The Lincoln Lawyer is its cast, which features many familiar faces from other film and TV projects. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo plays Mickey Haller – one of many familiar characters – who has appeared in other movies and TV shows including Agent Jackson from Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as films such as The Founder, Look and Gone Girl among many more.

Neve Campbell portrays Maggie Haller in Avalon. Campbell has appeared in various films and TV series such as Crash, The Young and Restless and American Horror Story: Murder House among many others; currently she’s working on another new project entitled Avalon where she will likely play a leading role.

Angus Sampson can also be seen regularly from The Lincoln Lawyer. As Mickey’s close confidante and legal aide, Cisco, Sampson plays an integral part of Mickey’s legal practice. Sampson has had an impressive TV career that includes Party of Five episodes, Neil Taggart main roles, The Founder film roles as well as multiple other projects currently in development.

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine has become a familiar face on The Lincoln Lawyer as Detective Raymond Griggs. Mwine has also appeared in movies like Blood Diamond and Queen of Katwe but mostly works on television series like Heroes, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Bones as well as Showtime series like The Chi as Ronnie Davis.

Lincoln Lawyer Episodes

After years of legal drama TV show drought, viewers were thrilled when Netflix unveiled The Lincoln Lawyer. Based on Michael Connelly’s novels, this series follows Los Angeles defense attorney Mickey Haller played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo whose practice runs out of his Lincoln town car parked outside. Since its premiere, The Lincoln Lawyer has won over viewers and critics alike and continues to attract audiences worldwide. It has quickly amassed an enthusiastic following while garnering many positive reviews.

The inaugural season of Haller will consist of 10 episodes. The premiere can now be streamed and features Haller taking on a case involving video game billionaire Trevor Elliot – it is sure to provide plenty of twists and legalese!

According to Deadline, The Lincoln Lawyer will return for its second season in 2022 based on the Brass Verdict book and featuring an all new cast – Neve Campbell will no longer appear as a series regular but instead only appear as a recurring character – while production should take place in Los Angeles as per usual.

Legal dramas have long been a mainstay on television, with popular shows like Law & Order and The Practice becoming iconic examples. The Lincoln Lawyer stands as yet another great example of its genre; featuring great acting performances while remaining entertainingly fast-moving – something Netflix should focus on producing more often.

The Lincoln Lawyer shows great promise as it expands. Audiences were highly impressed with its first season, and many anticipate its second installment will follow suit. With its wide array of hit TV series available through streaming platforms such as Hulu or Netflix, The Lincoln Lawyer makes for a worthy addition.

As an avid fan of legal dramas, I am delighted by The Lincoln Lawyer. This series is an outstanding example of successfully adapting a novel into television drama; its characters are well developed and its storyline intriguing – an absolute must-see!

Lincoln Lawyer Season 2

The Lincoln Lawyer was one of the major new TV releases of 2022 and already has amassed hundreds of hours in viewership worldwide – suggesting its renewal will happen sooner rather than later. USA Today’s Kelly Lawler called it an outstanding legal drama Netflix should produce regularly; her voice seems to have been heard and now season two will most likely arrive shortly.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo will reprise his role as Mickey Haller, while Neve Campbell will play Maggie McPherson from season 1. Becki Newton may return as Lorna Crane from Lorna Crane and Angus Sampson could reprise his role as Izzy Letts from season 1, possibly joined by Jazz Raycole who plays Izzy Letts as Mickey’s driver.

Titus Welliver won’t likely reprise his role of Harry Bosch since these series exist independently of each other. We could instead get more Henry Dahl, a podcaster who’s become interested in Mickey’s case files. While that could add another dynamic, more likely than not the show will skip past The Brass Verdict and head straight for book four, The Fifth Witness.

Most fans seem most fascinated with Mickey and Maggie’s romance and its development as it gave us insight into Hayley. It would be very exciting to follow how this plot develops further!

The show was initially developed for CBS before moving over to Netflix and is still very much like a network-style legal drama. Although not as bold or innovative as some might expect from streaming shows, it does many things right and is easy to watch and highly entertaining as evidenced in season 1.

Hopes of Season 2 for The Lincoln Lawyer remain high, but even if that does not pan out there are plenty of other great new shows that should keep audiences busy this summer. Check out season one now on Netflix; it is well worth your while.