Which Lawyer is Johnny Depp Dating?

which lawyer is johnny depp dating

Johnny Depp is said to be dating one of his lawyers, Joelle Rich. The British attorney helped him prevail in his defamation trial against Amber Heard.

On May 3, she was seen outside of Virginia courthouse hugging Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez. Even though she wasn’t involved in the defamation trial, she came out for support and to express her love.

Joelle Rich

Joelle Rich is a lawyer based in London, England and partner at Schillings. Her practice encompasses helping individuals and families protect their privacy both inside and outside the courtroom, with particular focus on defamation claims.

According to her law firm website, she is an expert in libel and privacy matters as well as social media and internet abuse. She has worked on a number of high-profile cases such as Meghan Markle’s case and that of Mail on Sunday.

Rich was not part of Depp’s legal team in his separate defamation battle against Amber Heard, yet she reportedly attended several court sessions inside Virginia courtroom in May. She was seen talking outside on May 3 and hugging Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez later that month on May 16.

According to Us Weekly, Rich and the Pirates of the Caribbean star had an “unexpected connection.” They began meeting secretly in hotels during their early dating stages, and their relationship is now considered “serious.”

Though they have yet to confirm their relationship status, it appears they’ve found something truly special in each other. Their chemistry is undeniable and it appears they’re “the real deal.”

According to US Weekly, Depp and Rich began dating in September after being seen together at a bar in Ibiza and at a private dinner party with other actors. According to one source, Depp’s connection with Rich deepened after their UK court trials concluded.

However, her relationship with Depp did not last. A spokesperson for the actor debunked Rich’s claims as being “completely false”.

After his defamation trial ended with a victory, Depp was eager to venture back into public view. That confidence has since waned somewhat due to his announcement that he is dating lawyer Joelle Rich.

Joelle Rich famously represented Johnny Depp in his UK libel case against the Sun in 2018. She has represented other high-profile individuals like Meghan Markle and Mail on Sunday. According to Joelle’s LinkedIn profile, she specializes in protecting clients’ privacy both inside and outside the courtroom.

She Represented Him in His Losing UK Trial

In 2020, Johnny Depp’s lawyer Joelle Rich was one of the legal teams assigned to his case. This high-profile libel trial garnered international attention, so it is no shock that people were eager to know how the jury ruled.

As previously discussed, the UK is more of a plaintiff-friendly jurisdiction when it comes to libel trials than US courts where proof is more stringent. As such, Depp chose the UK court system instead of US courts due to its more plaintiff-friendly laws; nonetheless, due to these distinctions in laws he had to prove his innocence there instead of facing an uphill battle in America.

He achieved this goal, and the judge overseeing the trial deemed him not guilty on every count. In fact, several instances of abuse Heard had accused him of were upheld by the court in his favor.

Newsweek reports that British law places more burden of proof on Heard than Depp in this situation.

What’s more, much of the evidence in this case was difficult to establish since both Heard and Depp denied some details of their accusations. Furthermore, they had different accounts of incidents that happened simultaneously, making it a complicated set of facts to sort through in order to decide which account was more credible.

In spite of all this, the court found Heard’s claims more credible than Depp’s. They relied on several factors including a statement from her friend Kristina Sexton who was present when Heard was alleged to have been assaulted.

She relied on Depp’s admissions under cross-examination about his drinking and anger issues, as well as the fact that Heard’s bodyguard threw objects at him during the incident. She noted that a photo Depp’s lawyers claimed showed Heard without any injuries could not be verified and Heard had lied about the circumstances of their first fight.

She’s Married but Divorced

When you begin dating someone, it can be difficult to know if you’re in love or not. You may feel a strong connection at first but over time begin doubting their feelings for you. If both of you are struggling with similar issues in the present, it may become tempting to speculate what happened in their past that has left them so unhappy now.

When dating someone who is already married and has two children, it can be challenging to know if your relationship will last through all the ups and downs that come with having a family. Fortunately, there are signs you can use to decide if your new flame is ready for serious commitment.

One indication of whether they may be open to reconciliation is if they’ve had to divorce in the past. That could indicate a willingness to give their relationship another chance.

Johnny Depp has been dating lawyer Joelle Rich since September 2018. Prior to that, she had been married but separated from her husband while in a relationship with the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

According to Us Weekly, she and Depp have two children together – Lily-Rose and Jack. The couple resides in a villa worth around Rs 15 crore.

Rich is currently a lawyer at Schillings, which specializes in representing those in the public eye against false or defamatory allegations. She also represented Meghan Markle during her libel lawsuit against Mail on Sunday last year.

She is a member of the American Bar Association and has been practicing law for 15 years. Her areas of specialization include libel, privacy and copyright disputes.

Her legal practice specializes in representing individuals and families affected by media coverage or social media interactions. Furthermore, she assists corporations and celebrities with respect to privacy issues.

In 2018, Heard engaged in a defamation trial against The Sun for labeling Depp as a “wife beater.” Despite much attention paid to this case, which ended without a verdict being handed down, 12 out of 14 allegations made against Depp were true and occurred as claimed.

She’s a Lawyer

Johnny Depp, star of Pirates of the Caribbean, is dating a lawyer named Joelle Rich. She’s a partner at international law firm Schillings in London and an expert in libel, privacy, copyright and content disputes.

She has extensive expertise in family law and litigation. Additionally, she holds the designation of Chartered Legal Executive and Fellow of the Law Society of England and Wales.

As a lawyer, her priority is protecting her clients’ privacy from unwarranted intrusion and media scrutiny. She has represented several high-profile clients such as former President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Though Rich was not on Johnny Depp’s legal team during his libel trial against The Sun, which he lost in November 2020, Rich was seen supporting Depp at several court appearances earlier this year. She was photographed outside Virginia courthouse on May 3 and later that month hugging Camille Vasquez who represented Depp during his US trial against Amber Heard.

It remains uncertain if Rich will represent Depp in the US or if she’s just hanging out with him for some casual fun. Either way, it appears that the 59-year-old actor is taking pleasure in spending time with the woman who has stood by his side during recent legal drama.

Throughout his defamation trial against Heard, which lasted several weeks in June, she could be seen inside Fairfax County courthouse almost daily. Rich reportedly felt obligated to be there for her client in any way she could.

Heard is furious with this case, yet she remains determined to fight for justice. She plans on appealing the verdict and seeking a repeat trial in order to reduce her financial penalties.

She plans to sell several of her properties in order to raise the money necessary for her fine, which is in addition to the $2 million awarded her as compensation for Depp’s libel.

Johnny Depp has never shied away from publicly supporting causes that matter to him. He has been an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights and even campaigned for gay marriage to be legal in the UK. Despite all this controversy, Depp remains passionate about what he believes in.