Who is Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Lawyer?

Laura Wasser is no stranger to law; as the daughter of an esteemed divorce attorney and partner at Wasser, Cooperman and Mandles in Century City.

She has handled the divorces of celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and Christina Aguilera; in Kim Kardashian’s case she helped break ties between Kris Humphries and Kanye West before later helping facilitate their split.

Laura Wasser

Laura Wasser’s love of law runs deep – her father was the celebrated divorce attorney Dennis Wasser, so it runs in her blood too. After studying rhetoric at University of California Berkeley and graduating with her JD from Loyola Law School, Laura joined her father’s Century City firm Wasser, Cooperman & Mandles where she would later represent A-List celebs such as Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Stevie Wonder and Heidi Klum in their marriage dissolution proceedings; additionally helping Kim Kardashian split from second husband Kris Humphries as well.

Wasser is so well-recognized for her work with celebrities that she was said to have inspired Laura Dern’s character in Marriage Story; however, Wasser insists they do not share similar personalities; rather she prefers mediating between clients rather than fighting each one individually for them – earning her the moniker “Disso Queen.”

Wasser acknowledges the difficulty of divorce is difficult despite her title; often emotional and physically traumatizing events take place throughout. According to The New York Times, Wasser acknowledges “divorce is always painful process no matter the circumstances,” saying it requires both emotional and physical energy for survivors to cope. “Working through it takes enormous amount of energy and stamina.”

As part of their ongoing divorce proceedings, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have each retained separate legal counsel to handle their cases. Kardashian reportedly hired Robert Stephan Cohen of Cohen Clair Lans Greifer Thorpe & Rottenstreich LLP’s family law department while in Los Angeles they hired Nicholas A. Salick from Wasser Cooperman & Mandles’ family law department as their legal representation.

TMZ reports that Wasser will continue to represent reality star Kim Kardashian West in her separation, while rapper has hired New York-based attorney Samantha Spector (recently engaged by Melinda Gates for her billion-dollar divorce from Bill Gates). They expect a settlement soon regarding custody arrangements as well as equitable division of their joint assets; financial details have yet to be made known about this deal.

The Disso Queen

After months of headlines and reports of dramatic meltdowns, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally ended their marriage in March 2022, though that still leaves several issues regarding assets and custody unresolved. Kim subsequently turned to LA-based lawyer Laura Wasser from Wasser, Cooperman & Mandles as her go-to expert for help in reaching a resolution.

Laura Wasser is one of Hollywood’s premier celebrity divorce lawyers. TMZ refers to her as the ‘Disso Queen,’ while Bloomberg calls her Hollywood’s complete divorce solution. At 48, Laura Wasser has become one of the most in-demand family law practitioners; since 1995 she has been a partner at her father’s law firm in Berkeley as well as Loyola Law School, serving clients such as Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum, Ryan Reynolds Maria Shriver Stevie Wonder and Christina Aguilera among many others.

She’s known for being discreet, thorough, and attentive when representing clients; according to TMZ she prefers closed-door mediations over trials because she doesn’t want any drama to make its way into the media. Furthermore, she even advises her high-profile clients not to make public statements and keep their personal affairs private.

Not only is she an expert at handling celebrity divorce cases, she’s also an adept negotiator. She has represented some of Hollywood’s biggest stars in prenups, settlements and custody matters – Kelly Clarkson to Britney Spears – she even handled Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp’s split from Brad Pitt and Amber Heard!

Her impressive resume has earned her many honors and awards, most recently being honored as an “Hollywood Legal Legend” at a Los Angeles ceremony. Additionally, she’s been featured on numerous podcasts. Additionally, Laura Dern’s portrayal of Nora Fanshaw from Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story may even have been inspired by Nora Fanshaw!

TMZ Reports

TMZ, the celebrity gossip website, has long been at the center of debate. It is best known for breaking some of the most notorious celebrity scandals such as Mel Gibson’s drunk driving arrest, Michael Jackson’s death and phone recordings containing racist remarks by former Clippers owner Donald Sterling – among many other stories TMZ has broken. Furthermore, it has often been accused of publishing false reports.

Harvey Levin has gained a reputation for mistreating women at work. A number of female employees have filed formal complaints against TMZ; one employee noted being treated like a “second-class citizen” at the newsroom and hearing inappropriate sexual references from male colleagues; while former employee claimed Rosenblum, who heads up their legal department, yelled at them and told them to “stop being such a girl!”

TMZ has long been accused of gender discrimination, as well as poor journalism. They have frequently been caught using doctored images or information taken from untrustworthy sources; and have exaggerated details surrounding celebrity divorces with stories alleging Kevin Federline had cheated on Britney Spears with another woman whom he had previously had romantic interest for some time – something later proved false.

TMZ made headlines recently for reporting incorrectly about rapper Lil Wayne’s death, apparently mixing up LeBron James and Greg Oden in a photo and misidentify their names in an article they ran. Following widespread condemnation of this error, TMZ had to retract their article.

No matter its controversy, TMZ remains unclear on its ability to change its reputation as a gossip outlet that spreads falsehoods and damages celebrities’ reputations. Although the site posts information quickly, fact-checking and transparency often get sacrificed in favour of speed. Furthermore, many editors at TMZ are close personal friends with many of the celebrities they write about which creates a conflict of interest with their audience and makes journalism less credible than it could otherwise be.

Hulu’s New Show Is Based On Her

After an uncertain launch, Hulu has finally found its groove with original content. The streaming service has received critical acclaim and hit subscriber milestones with high-profile originals – but critical praise alone doesn’t always correlate to audience numbers.

Hulu is placing its bets on women to continue its success with its new shows. Liz Tigelaar, who helped bring Golden Globe-nominated series Casual to life for Hulu, will return as showrunner of “Little Fires Everywhere”, an adaptation of best-selling novel by Celeste Ng. Mindy Kaling will return with “Four Weddings and A Funeral”, the platform where “The Mindy Project” first premiered following Fox cancellation.

Regarding Kanye West’s divorce proceedings, Kim Kardashian was granted a court date in December to finalize all financial and custody issues regarding their four children – North, 10, Chicago 5, Saint 4 and Psalm 4. However, due to his unorthodox behavior and anti-Semitic comments he is having difficulty finding an attorney willing to represent him as most law firms do not find him attractive as clients.

One legal firm which has expressed interest is Wasser’s own boutique firm in New York – Cohen Clair Lans Griefer Thorpe & Rottenstreich LLP – however they will evaluate if agreeing to represent West would damage their reputation and detract from potential clients.

Wasser has represented numerous celebrities, such as Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Garner, but her approach is to keep details about her cases private until certain time intervals to reduce gossip mill activity – typically around Friday or prior to holiday weekend weekends in summer months.

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