Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Becomes NBC News Legal Analyst

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Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez has become a social media phenomenon as she engages in the defamation trial between her client and his ex-wife Amber Heard. Her sharp legal style and insightful questioning have won her fans over.

She is a partner at Brown Rudnick, where her practice encompasses litigation and arbitration – including plaintiff-side defamation suits. Additionally, she handles contract disputes, business-related torts and employment-related claims. With extensive experience developing offensive and defensive litigation strategies for private clients as well as reputation management and crisis communications challenges, she is well-suited to handle these tasks efficiently and effectively.

Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Gets Her Own Fan Following

On Tuesday, a jury found that Johnny Depp hadn’t committed libel against Heard after all. His lawyer Camille Vasquez has become something of an overnight sensation due to her razor-sharp legal style. She’s become popular among Depp fans.

Vasquez, 37, is a partner at the law firm Brown Rudnick and part of the litigation team that won last week’s verdict for Depp against Heard. On Tuesday afternoon the firm made an announcement stating they were “pleased to announce Camille has been elevated to partner” following her successful work in this case.

At trial, Heard’s questions were often pointed and sharp. She sought to demonstrate that her ex-husband orchestrated a smear campaign against her in response for writing an op-ed in 2018 for The Washington Post about being a survivor of domestic abuse.

Her measured tone, insightful questions and command of the facts have earned her much praise online. One TikTok user even went so far as to reimagine her as Thor – the god of thunder portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in Marvel movies.

Many fans were disappointed that Depp wasn’t able to join his own legal team, while others have praised her impressive courtroom performance. Some even speculated about a potential romance between Vasquez and her client.

Social media’s fascination with Depp’s attorney has also led some to doubt her professionalism and integrity, suggesting she lacks experience in court and doesn’t know her client well enough. According to Lucero Chavez Basillo of the Latina Lawyers Bar Association in Los Angeles, only about 2% of lawyers are Latina.

Some social-media commenters believe the enthusiasm is proof that women are finally making progress in the legal world, particularly for men accused of sexual harassment. Indeed, some have even compared her popularity on social media to that of convicted serial sexual harasser Harvey Weinstein who was heavily scrutinized during his 2020 trial due to his use of Twitter.

Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Joins NBC News

NBC News has hired Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez as a legal analyst for its Today show. This is an exciting new role for the 38-year-old attorney, who gained notoriety during her representation of Johnny Depp during his trial against Amber Heard.

She is a partner at renowned law firm Brown Rudnick and has been focused on plaintiff-side defamation lawsuits for several years. Additionally, her experience includes contract disputes, business-related torts and employment-related claims.

She joined NBC News as an on-air legal expert on Monday, introduced by host Hoda Kotb. Her first segment focused on an analysis of the ongoing criminal case involving murder suspect Bryan Kohberger who is suspected of killing four college students in Moscow, Idaho last November.

On NBC News’ website, she “will provide legal commentary and analysis from her new role as a legal analyst.” Working alongside Savannah Guthrie, she will cover topics like crime, politics and more with an eye toward shaping how the network decides what to cover. With such influence over programming decisions, this role has the potential for great things in the future.”

It remains uncertain whether she will open an official Twitter account or not, but if she does, it’ll be an excellent platform for her to continue sharing her opinions and engaging with fans. Her fans on the social media platform already appreciate her presence and are excited that she is making a move.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this move is that it suggests Depp’s legal team is open to giving Amber Heard whatever she desires. This could have an immense effect on how the case concludes and could ultimately benefit Johnny Depp with a better settlement.

Another factor that could potentially determine the outcome of the case is juror testimony. They are human, and one mistake in a final verdict could prove detrimental.

Depp and Heard’s attorneys must carefully present their cases to the jury. They want them to comprehend that Johnny Depp is an emotionally abusive actor, while Amber Heard was the victim of his abuse.

Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Is a Spanish Speaker

Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez, who is representing him in his defamation trial with Amber Heard, is a Spanish speaker and partner at Brown Rudnick Law Firm based in California. According to their website, Camille specializes in litigation and arbitration.

Johnny Depp’s attorney, Vasquez has become a social media phenomenon for her intense cross-examinations of Heard during the six-week $50 million defamation trial. Her pointed questions and unwavering belief in her client have won praise from both sides of the courtroom.

On Wednesday, a jury found in favor of Depp (58) in his lawsuit against Heard (36). They awarded him $15 million in damages but also found Heard guilty of defamation by creating an elaborate hoax which included damaging their apartment to make it appear worse for police.

Vasquez, who is part of the Brown Rudnick legal team, achieved notoriety during this trial. Her videos of herself hugging Depp and writing him notes while they were in courtroom proceedings quickly went viral on TikTok, earning her a large online following.

Many fans of the actor have taken to social media to show their love and support for Vasquez, a native Spanish speaker. They have posted pictures with shirts reading “I heart Camille Vasquez,” as well as TikTok videos featuring her holding hands with Depp while singing romantic pop songs.

One video posted to TikTok by a fan account depicts Vasquez laughing, brushing her hair away and waving to the throngs of people watching her trial outside. She has long been an advocate for women in law.

Her comments regarding gender bias and the lack of Latina lawyers in the legal field have received wide media coverage, with her appearances on NBC’s Today show and multiple major news outlets discussing both the Depp trial and #MeToo movement.

In her interview, she expressed that she has a special connection to Johnny Depp and is honored to represent him. Additionally, she stated that her career has helped strengthen the Latina lawyer community and she hopes it will encourage other women to pursue careers in law.

Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Is a Partner at Brown Rudnick

Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez has been promoted to partner at Brown Rudnick, where she works. For three years, Camille has been part of the firm’s litigation team; additionally, she played a significant role in Depp’s successful defamation case against Amber Heard last year.

Due to her role in the trial, which was televised and covered on social media platforms, she has become a national and international celebrity. Other law firms as well as television news outlets have sought her services as a legal commentator or contributor.

Vasquez had already begun her tenure at the firm when Depp’s trial started, and she quickly rose to become its star thanks to her intense and sometimes vicious cross-examination of Heard throughout the six week televised hearings. Additionally, as an expert in litigation and arbitration, Vasquez has earned a reputation for successfully resolving high stakes disputes.

Guglielmotti praises Vasquez as an exceptional partner who exhibits teamwork and dedication. Her performance in court has only served to enhance the firm’s reputation.

She has extensive experience in litigation and arbitration, specializing in plaintiff-side defamation lawsuits. Prior to joining the firm as an associate in 2018, she worked at Manatt Phelps & Phillips where she focused on contract disputes and business-related torts.

In June, Brown Rudnick won $15 million for Johnny Depp in a lawsuit over an op-ed Heard wrote in the Washington Post in which she claimed she had experienced domestic abuse. Heard counterclaimed for $100 million, alleging Depp “defamed her in the public domain and damaged her business, professional, and personal reputations,” according to the verdict.

On Tuesday night, the jury rendered their verdict. Heard has yet to file a post-trial appeal following an extensive six week trial that was broadcast live across America. For its high stakes nature and high-profile nature, Brown Rudnick earned themselves the title of “Trials Group of the Year” by Law360 in 2022.