Extraordinary Attorney Woo – Which Attorney Woo Character Are You?

which attorney woo character are you

If you’ve been watching the Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo on ENA or Netflix, then you may be familiar with Young Woo – a lawyer with autism and savant-like abilities. She utilizes her high IQ and photographic memory to solve case after case.

She is lucky to have a supportive partner at Hanbada Law Firm and an equally knowledgeable mentor in Senior Attorney Jung Myeong Seok, but finding it difficult to fit in.

Jung Myeong Seok

Jung Myeong Seok (Jeong Myeong Seok) has earned a place of honor as one of Korea’s most enigmatic religious figures. However, his beliefs remain firm; he believes that he is an incarnation of Jesus and has been spreading messages from around the globe since the late 1980s.

Jung Myeong Seok rose to prominence during his tenure as a pastor by explaining the Bible in accessible terms for younger audiences. His efforts at drawing students from prestigious universities and his scientific approach to Christianity helped him win many followers.

He began predicting the future for those suffering from cancer, which caught the attention of the media. As his reputation as a miracle-working Christian grew, it’s believed he can bring hope to those facing death.

But the pastor was not without faults. He had a volatile temper and appeared to be overworked. Additionally, he often exaggerated things or made false assertions.

He did possess one positive quality: A deep-felt compassion for people. When he was younger, he would often beg money from the homeless in exchange for food or other items. Additionally, his love of cooking and spending time with family were strong assets to him.

Compassion ultimately led to his conversion, as he learned about God through prayer and by trying to put the Word into practice. Even when faced with a mentally ill man who seemed lost in thought, he brought home and cared for him like one of his own children.

In his free time, he actively participated in the anti-smoking campaign and even founded a social welfare organization he called Providence Church.

His religious beliefs have profoundly impacted the lives of those affected by his actions, with some even taking steps to testify against him. It remains uncertain how long he will spend in jail or whether a trial is imminent, but it’s unfortunate that his story has been so upsetting and upsetting for so many.

Lee Jun Ho

Lee Jun Ho has achieved great success in movies and dramas, recently returning to the entertainment industry after being discharged from military service in 2021. His fan-taken video performance of 2PM’s ‘My House’ garnered him widespread recognition as he showed off his muscles while performing an alluring dance move.

He was immediately drawn to Young Woo, not only because of her looks but also for her purity and spirit.

As the show progressed, he became increasingly attracted to her. It seemed as if his heart was about to burst with love for her.

Eventually, she asked him out on a date with her and this marked the beginning of their romance.

At sunset, they went for a romantic walk together. While walking, they exchanged stories about each other’s lives and brought their worlds together. When they reached their destination, he asked her not to leave her job and assured her that he would always be there for her.

He then was able to tell her he was madly in love with her. He explained that he was drawn to her for the same reasons he is attracted to cats: they’re independent and loyal creatures who crave their owner.

Though she was uncertain, he assured her that she didn’t have to give up on her dream of becoming an attorney. Additionally, he stressed that he wasn’t looking for someone just to make him happy but someone to be by her side throughout this journey.

As their relationship deepened, she began to feel more at ease around him and even went on a few dates with him.

Once she realized she was falling in love with him, she explained that she was a “woman with autism”. To which he replied by telling her she wasn’t a woman with autism; rather, she possessed pure innocence and purity.

She was a woman worthy of love and admiration. She had an enchanting beauty with the most kind heart, deserving to live life to its fullest and experience an awe-inspiring love story.

Kwon Min Woo

Joo Jong Hyuk is best known for his role as Kwon Min Woo in ENA’s popular drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo. In addition to this role, he has also starred in D.P., Happiness, and Yumi’s Cells among others.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo was a hit with K-Drama fans, but not without controversy. Kwon Min Woo’s relationship with Choi Soo Yeon was particularly contentious; throughout the show, Min Woo was seen as an ardent supporter of Korea’s status quo and strong advocate for the legal system, while Choi Soo Yeon was seen as championing progressive politics.

These characters’ striking differences sparked a fierce debate among fans as to whether they represented accurately their respective sides. Despite their distinctions, many found both characters equally captivating in their own way.

Though some fans were disappointed that Choi Soo Yeon and Kwon Min Woo’s relationship wasn’t more romantic, others saw it as a great example of how an allistic person could work alongside an autistic individual. Indeed, several autistic individuals have gone on to become attorneys, praising their experiences working with young people who are different from them.

Another contentious issue between both sides was how to accurately depict autism. While autistic individuals can make mistakes, they also possess the capacity for creative problem-solving and using their brains in novel ways.

However, they can also be highly sensitive to criticism. Therefore, it’s essential for them to trust their own judgment and make decisions based on what they know is best for them.

Through the course of the series, Attorney Woo is often faced with unsolvable situations beyond her control and she often relies on her autistic abilities for resolution. For instance, in one case where an autistic man is accused of killing his brother, Attorney Woo is able to use her autism to uncover evidence that he attempted suicide in order to save himself from certain death.

Young Woo

Woo Young Woo is an autistic attorney with a shy, socially awkward demeanor who joins Hanbada Law Firm after graduating from law school as the top student in her class. As the first attorney with autism in Korea, Woo’s autistic mind allows her to find rational solutions to complex legal problems.

The series explores her struggle to adjust in a work environment that’s unaccustomed to people like her. She faces daily obstacles from coworkers and clients due to their prejudice, such as sly remarks or exclusion from activities.

Young Woo must develop her interpersonal skills and learn how to communicate with others in order to overcome these obstacles. Furthermore, she needs a mentor who will guide her as both an individual and lawyer.

She finds a wonderful mentor in Jung Myeong Seok, a senior attorney at Hanbada. He’s intelligent and supportive of her ideas but also not judgmental; he doesn’t scoff at her when she talks about whales during conversation.

He helps her overcome her fears and anxieties. His love is unconditional, and he imparts to her how to communicate in a language she can comprehend. As an excellent partner, he is always there for her.

Young Woo’s father, Gwang Ho, plays an integral role in her life. He graduated from Seoul National University Law School and adores Young Woo deeply; striving to keep her happy and healthy at his own expense and with great selflessness.

Gwang Ho is more than just Young Woo’s boyfriend; he also serves as a good friend to her siblings and helps them with their homework. Most importantly, however, he ensures they all stay healthy and enjoy life to the fullest.

He is an incredibly loving and caring father to his daughter. He provides medical attention when she’s unwell, as well as giving her time to rest.

This drama illustrates how someone with autism can thrive in an environment where they may be misunderstood or despised by others. It’s an insightful and enjoyable series that strives to break down misconceptions and stereotypes about autistic people, showcasing their complexity and ability to communicate effectively.