How Much Attorney Charge For H4 EAD?

how much attorney charge for h4 ead

An Employment Authorization Document (EAD) is a legal document that permits H4 visa holders to work in the United States. EADs can be issued to dependent spouses of H-1B workers and renewed for as long as the principal worker maintains status.

However, there are grave dangers attached to the program. Anti-immigrant activists have challenged it through litigation and a future administration may undo current regulations.


When applying for an H4 EAD, several factors come into play. Most significantly, how long it takes your application to be processed by USCIS. Although this timeline can differ depending on each case, most EAD cases typically take around 90 days to process.

Another consideration is whether or not there is a premium processing option available for your EAD application. This can significantly reduce the wait time for an H4 EAD.

Premium processing can be costly at $1,500.00; however, if you want to avoid waiting a year or two for your EAD application to be approved, this expense may be justified.

The H4 EAD is an invaluable work authorization program for spouses of certain H-1B visa holders currently in the United States. This document, issued by Homeland Security, allows these spouses to pursue employment opportunities within America.

This type of work authorization is essential to the economy, as non-immigrants in this country need the ability to work in order to afford goods and services and support their families. Furthermore, this work authorization helps create jobs that are needed across communities throughout the U.S.

Non-immigrants are important for the economy, as they tend to be more involved and engaged citizens in their local communities than natives. By contributing their labor and skillset, non-immigrants help make America a livable place for all citizens – children included!

Therefore, it is increasingly essential for these H4 EAD holders to renew their work authorization annually in order to remain eligible for their current jobs. This is especially pertinent given the increasingly long wait times at USCIS which have caused many EAD holders to lose both their employment opportunities and major sources of family income due to delays during renewals.

A court case, Save Jobs USA versus Department of Homeland Security, is underway to alter the current laws surrounding the H4 EAD program. In September, SAVE JOBS USA filed a motion asking the court to expedite oral argument and briefing as soon as possible. While this marks an important step forward, we remain hopeful that regulations will be altered soon – we’ll keep you informed throughout this process as it unfolds.

Fees for a Consultation

A consultation is an ideal opportunity to gain more insight into your case and receive advice from an experienced attorney. They can guide you through the process to guarantee your application is submitted promptly and without issue.

A lawyer’s fee will depend on the complexity of your case and whether they are hired on retainer or as an independent contractor. A consultation can range in cost anywhere from $75 to $1,500.

The most costly part of the process will likely be filing your H4 EAD application. This document requires multiple signatures from various parties in order to be processed and approved.

Experienced H4 EAD lawyers are an invaluable asset during this lengthy and laborious process. Hiring top attorneys is often worth the money spent, as their services will prove beneficial beyond any doubt.

Once you’ve hired an attorney, there may be various forms to fill out and answer a few questions before sending in your paperwork for review. This process may take several months depending on the complexity of your case and how many documents need to be produced.

Fees for a Case

A H4 EAD (Employment Authorization Document) is an essential legal document that permits those on H4 visas to work legally in the United States. It’s necessary for anyone needing an income in order to support themselves or their family, as well as anyone looking to adjust their immigration status from non-immigrant status to green card or lawful permanent resident.

The EAD is distinct from an H-1B, which is a special employment visa designed for workers with advanced degrees and significant experience. An EAD allows people on H4 visas to work legally while an H1B only grants them a limited working permit for specific jobs.

When someone on an H4 visa receives their EAD, they must complete Form I-765. This application requires them to provide information about their employer and relationship to the principal H-1B visa holder; additionally, there is a fee of $410.

Once they pay the fee, they can fill out an EAD application and mail it in with all required documents. However, this process is typically lengthy and takes months to complete.

However, it is a necessary step that can make life much simpler for families who must pay their bills and other costs. Furthermore, it helps them avoid the threat of deportation.

If you are currently in the United States on an H4 visa and require an EAD, it is wise to obtain one as quickly as possible. Processing times for this permit can vary from center to center, but most applicants will receive their permit within 90 days after submitting their application.

It’s essential to remember that an EAD does not guarantee employment for its holder; many have experienced lengthy delays in renewing their EADs, leading to loss of jobs and significant sources of income for families.

Fortunately, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plans to introduce premium processing for EAD applications starting in 2025. This will give people on H4 visas the ability to apply more quickly than the current standard processing time of about a year, providing an invaluable opportunity for those wishing to work legally in America; however, it will not be available to everyone.

Fees for a Hearing

The H4 EAD (employment authorization document) allows certain spouses of H-1B nonimmigrants to work legally in the United States. While they wait to adjust status, this EAD will grant them permission to work and support themselves financially.

Obtaining an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) is a relatively straightforward process – simply file Form I-765 with all necessary documents, and USCIS will issue you with an EAD. However, be aware that processing time for such applications may take up to 90 days, so be prepared for a longer wait than desired.

An EAD permits you to work in virtually any sector of the economy, giving you flexibility and productivity at your peak performance. You even have the freedom to switch employers and jobs as long as you adhere to all relevant laws and regulations for that new employer.

Working as a self-employed individual is possible, provided you meet the necessary qualifications for being an independent contractor or owning and operating a business. Speak to a lawyer about whether an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) is necessary in order to do this.

However, there remains much uncertainty regarding the future of the H4 EAD program. Recently, DHS proposed eliminating it as part of their Spring 2019 Regulatory Agenda.

In November, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia rejected eliminating the rule and sent it back to a lower court for further review.

Save Jobs USA’s lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security is based on anonymous comments submitted to government during rule-making. According to Save Jobs USA, these remarks imply that H1B holders will be less likely to leave the United States due to EAD regulations.

The H4 EAD program is an important initiative that allows spouses of H-1B nonimmigrants to continue working while their visas are being processed. It’s essential to secure your EAD as soon as possible, since employment gaps can be a serious issue for families with young children.