How Much Attorney Charge For H-4 EAD?

how much attorney charge for h4 ead

H-4 Employment Authorization Document is a work permit designed for spouses of nonimmigrant workers with specialty occupation visas who need financial support for family obligations while avoiding legal issues.

Before applying for this visa, it is advisable to seek advice from an attorney. An experienced attorney can help prevent costly mistakes which could delay processing your EAD application.


H-4 EAD processing times can be long, placing strain on families who depend on two incomes to cover bills and make ends meet. This is particularly true of families with children; American living costs continue to soar, leaving many households relying on both spouses’ salaries to make ends meet.

An Employment Authorization Document, or EAD, is an essential document for nonimmigrants requiring employment in the U.S. However, it doesn’t guarantee finding work or keeping existing jobs. Furthermore, an EAD won’t protect against being fired or deported – therefore if considering applying for one it would be wise to consult a competent immigration lawyer prior to filing any paperwork for one.

To apply for an EAD, the filing fee and documents must be submitted. These include a $410 filing fee payable to DHS as well as a biometrics fee of $270 and supporting documents including your current visa photocopy, proof of age documentation and certified copies of birth certificate. You should also include two identical 2×2 inch photos taken within 30 days with both photos clearly marking your admission record number from CBP website (i94 number) on back as part of application requirements.

If you file both an H-4 EAD extension and extension application at once, USCIS will process your extension application first before considering your EAD application – meaning you may not be able to work until it has been approved. Fortunately, premium processing services will begin being introduced for these types of applications in 2025; they’ll expedite approvals more quickly for extensions, changes of status changes and renewals for H-4 EADs.


H-4 EAD is a work authorization document that grants spouses of H-1B visa holders permission to work legally in the US, giving them more freedom and career advancement, contributing to economic growth, qualifying them for healthcare benefits and retirement plans while simultaneously maintaining employment without worrying about visa expirations or renewal processes.

H-4 EADs offer several advantages over H-1B visas. No annual caps apply and it’s much simpler to obtain. Furthermore, holders can work for any employer in any field and even start their own businesses. However, when applying for this visa it is essential that some key details are remembered. These include paying certain fees and submitting all the necessary forms as well as attending an interview and medical examination. Be mindful that when moving to the US, your credit history won’t transfer with you – this can present issues when applying for loans, renting an apartment, securing mobile phone service and getting services from banks and mobile phone carriers.

The H-4 EAD program has been the subject of multiple legal battles and it remains uncertain whether the Trump administration will support it in any capacity. Regardless, it remains a crucial part of immigration law and vital for many individuals; so staying informed on any news regarding this topic is vitally important.

One advantage of an EAD is its use with other visas, enabling a person to apply for other employment authorization documents like F-1 student visa or OPT extension with ease. Furthermore, its validity span is up to three years; renewal can occur provided H-4 status remains valid; additionally it can help speed up visa application processes as well as support family members waiting for green cards.


U.S. immigration law permits certain circumstances to expedite H-4 EAD processing more quickly; these instances are rare but could include working in a cultural or religious nonprofit capacity or as a critical key worker at your workplace; USCIS may consider expediting your EAD application if your absence would result in financial harm to the business or result in job cuts for other employees.

However, processing EAD applications still takes an extended period. Sometimes more than a year passes before an approval comes through for families that rely on two incomes to cover living costs. This delay can become an impediment when two incomes are needed to make ends meet.

DHS plans on implementing premium processing for H-4 EAD documents, extensions and changes of status soon; this should help shorten wait times significantly. In the meantime, however, it’s wise to plan for potential delays by consulting an immigration attorney when applying for an EAD; doing so could save both time and money in the long run; they will also ensure your forms are submitted accurately as any misfiling could delay your request or lead to its rejection altogether.


The H4 Employment Authorization Document (EAD) allows spouses of individuals on an H1B visa to work legally in the US. It has enabled thousands of individuals to pursue their career dreams and contribute positively to our economy; however, it’s essential to be aware of its restrictions as well as any changes that could impact its program.

An Employment Authorization Document, or EAD, can be an essential asset to those in H4 status, yet does not grant complete work authorization. Instead, an EAD requires submitting a valid I-765 application with all related fees attached – this includes an application fee of $410 and biometrics appointment costs of $85. If you wish to pursue this avenue of immigration law it would be prudent to work with a lawyer who understands its application in this process.

An expedite request may be submitted for various reasons, such as severe financial loss to either company or person, urgent humanitarian considerations, public safety and national security concerns and more. USCIS evaluates each expedite request individually before either approving or rejecting it – an excellent way to expedite H4 EAD processing time!

H4 holders can also obtain work authorization through the H1B visa process, making this an attractive choice if they need work immediately without waiting for their EAD process to finish. Although the process for getting this visa may take more time and effort than getting an EAD, it will prove worthwhile in the end.

Though there have been proposals to abolish the H4 EAD, it remains in force at present. Although these legal challenges have caused uncertainty regarding this program, if you are looking into working as an H4 dependent in the United States. If you need any clarification of H4 EAD rules and restrictions an experienced immigration attorney can explain them more fully during an initial consultation – contact VisaNation Law Group now to book one!