Fordham Law School – Where is it Located?

Fordham Law students benefit from an engaging curriculum that blends theoretical theory with hands-on lawyering experience. Our renowned professors specialize in their respective fields while remaining approachable and welcoming for our students.

At New York Law School, they place emphasis on providing an educational experience that emphasizes academic excellence, mastery of law craft, ethics and public service – and its vibrant New York City location gives graduates an edge in the marketplace.

Lincoln Center Campus

Fordham Law’s Lincoln Center Campus can be found in the heart of New York City, next to Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and steps away from Columbus Circle. This compact urban campus also houses Gabelli School of Business and School of Professional and Continuing Studies.

This 468,000-square-foot building includes tiered classrooms, moot and trial courtrooms, a library with over 90,000 volumes, a law clinic and generous sidewalk openings with access to a public cafe on 62nd Street.

Fordham Law students engage in intellectual inquiry and debate, uphold ethical standards to the highest degree, and make an impactful contribution to society. Their unwavering dedication to these values combined with Fordham Law’s dynamic location in New York City opens up numerous career possibilities to graduates of this renowned law school.

Fordham Law has long provided legal education that emphasizes academic excellence and craft of lawyering. Their distinguished faculty includes judges and assistant United States attorneys as well as partner-level partners from large law firms, supervising attorneys from community legal services offices, award-winning professors, and many judges themselves. Together they strive to produce exceptional lawyers.

Fordham boasts an outstanding faculty, courses and programs to meet any legal need. Their nine LL.M concentrations offer students the chance to increase their expertise in particular areas of law; whether that be international law, intellectual property or criminal justice Fordham has something suitable.

Fordham University places great weight on your GPA and LSAT score when reviewing applicants, with its median GPA being 3.73 and LSAT median score being 167 respectively. A higher LSAT score increases your odds of acceptance; if it falls below its median value however, apply to other schools as well.

Fordham requires that applicants submitting an application submit a resume no more than one page long, to highlight your educational and professional experiences, volunteer efforts and extracurricular activities. In addition to your resume submission Fordham requires both a personal statement and addenda as part of its application package.

New York City Campus

Fordham Law has for over 100 years provided world-class lawyers. Its distinct mission entails offering rigorous academic programs, skillful legal practice, strong ethics standards and commitments to social justice – values which combine with New York City location to give students unparalleled opportunities for a fulfilling legal career.

Campus facilities are conveniently situated close to Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, two blocks from Columbus Circle, and within easy walking distance of Central Park – where you can stroll among sweeping lawns, woodland landscapes and winding pathways, or relax while reading on one of its benches. In the Law School’s new building clad with architectural precast panels and metal with glass panels clad on its undulating arcs as an inviting gesture toward Lincoln Center.

At NYU School of Law, innovative programs such as the Fashion Law Institute and Leitner Center for International Law and Justice combine with cutting-edge programs. Students, lawyers, community volunteers, and organizations collaborate with one another to connect low-income New Yorkers with legal resources through partnership between students, lawyers, community volunteers and organizations. Students may also take advantage of participating in Public Interest Resource Center interdisciplinary projects or serving as student lawyers at one of 19 clinics such as Feerick Center for Social Justice.

Fordham Law School boasts many notable alumni, such as NBA sportscaster Mike Breen; World Light Heavyweight champion Bob Olin; U.S. Representative Robert Giaimo of Connecticut and John Mara (President of the New York Giants); actress Patricia Clarkson and Taylor Schilling as well as actors Denzel Washington (Academy Award winning actor Alan Alda and Mary Higgins Clark), plus actors Denzel Washington (Golden Globe winner Alan Alda and Mary Higgins Clark are graduates). Furthermore, Fordham Law boasts long lists of notable attorneys, judges, prosecutors as well as writers such as postmodern novelist Don DeLillo

Fordham University’s admissions process is highly competitive, so applicants must submit both an exceptional personal statement and resume that highlights professional and academic accomplishments, volunteer experiences, and extracurricular activities in no more than one page format. They may also choose to include longer statements with addenda – just be wary not to exceed the maximum word limit!

Off-Campus Programs

Fordham Law offers students an array of off-campus programs designed to immerse them in international, foreign, and comparative legal studies. These opportunities can be found both during summer sessions as well as academic year ones; participants in such programs earn credit toward their degree program; non-Fordham Law students may join these opportunities but should consult their law school registrar prior to participating regarding whether their residency requirement can be fulfilled.

Fordham University’s commitment to offering an all-encompassing legal education has earned it an unrivalled reputation for academic excellence and the craft of lawyering, emphasis on ethics, and commitment to social justice. These values, coupled with its unique location in vibrant New York City, give graduates numerous professional opportunities ranging from working at top law firms as partners or associates, corporate boardrooms, government attorneys or fighting for underserved communities around the world.

Fordham University’s National Center for Access to Justice uses data, research, and advocacy to expose how our justice system too often fails to provide equal justice to the marginalized. Their Joseph R. Crowley Program in International Human Rights equips law students to work for humanity while upholding human dignity, respect, and equal opportunities.

Fordham Law offers an unparalleled Graduate Professional Development Program to assist its graduate students in planning and achieving their career goals. These resources include workshops, mentoring programs, networking events and individual counseling sessions.

Finally, the school recognizes the significance of globalization to lawyers. Therefore, they have created several graduate degrees designed to give foreign-trained legal professionals a comprehensive overview of U.S. law and system, enhance legal English skills and lawyering abilities as well as develop global networks.

Students interested in Fordham Law can obtain more information on its off-campus programs through Life at Fordham website. Fordham also has many resources on campus available to them as well as a full-time career counselor to provide guidance with job searches or general career questions.

Student Life

Fordham University School of Law is a Jesuit institution that strives to challenge students and foster an open spirit of inquiry. Faculty and students at Fordham are committed to excellence, social justice, and public service – providing a diverse community of legal scholars and practitioners as well as offering programs focused on business law, international law and human rights.

Fordham Law School prides itself on being at the forefront of legal rigor and provides its graduates with a solid education that prepares them for a variety of careers and paths. From practicing at top firms to exploring your own passions, there’s sure to be something here that fits. Notable alumni include partners and associates at leading firms, federal and state prosecutors, judges, members of Congress, CEOs of major corporations and leaders of nonprofits – to name but a few!

Fordham University excels both academically and research wise, but also places great importance on experiential education. Students may either select their own externships or apply to one of Fordham’s Focused Externship programs which place students in settings like New York City Council meetings, Housing Litigation proceedings and Government Civil Litigation cases.

Law school student life is exciting and vibrant, and its office of student affairs strives to enhance it further through providing academic advising and career counseling, among other support services. Staffed by experienced lawyers dedicated to each student’s success, the office ensures a successful experience for all its constituents.

Fordham University boasts several student organizations, such as the Women’s Law Association and Student Bar Association. Both provide networking and professional development opportunities, as well as the chance for students to socialize amongst themselves. Furthermore, its student journal scene is lively and competitive – multiple journals hosting symposiums and colloquies throughout the year.

There are also other ways you can become engaged with campus, including participating in The Rambler and Law Review publications and participating in volunteer programs offered by both schools of law.