Where is Fordham Law School?

where is fordham law school

Fordham Law provides its students with a holistic vocational training. Students learn to balance intellectual rigor with an appreciation of legality.

According to ABA disclosures from this school, most graduates work for law firms while some clerk for judges.

At this school, two master’s degrees designed specifically for non-law professionals, and a doctoral program for future legal scholars are offered.

Located in Manhattan

Fordham University Law School can be found in New York City, one of the world’s major legal centers. As one of the premier law schools worldwide, it offers an intensive academic curriculum. Furthermore, its clinical programs and pro bono work have won it an outstanding reputation within New York’s legal community – producing graduates that include notable attorneys, judges and prosecutors in recent years.

The University was established in 1841 and draws upon traditional Jesuit values of respect, hard work and morality. Although private with above average tuition fees, students do qualify for financial aid; nonetheless this highly selective school enjoys high alumni salaries upon graduating.

Fordham Law’s curriculum blends theory with practical legal experiences. Courses are taught by professors who are experts in their respective fields and enthusiastic teachers. At Fordham Law, professors from Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Center assist students with honing their advocacy skills while its Center for Study of Law and Society examines legal issues impacting urban communities.

Fordham University students can also take advantage of over 40 clinics and externships beyond required coursework, to gain practical experience in areas like international human rights law, environmental law and corporate law. Fordham’s location in New York City gives its students access to some of the top employers in legal industry – previous alumni from this school have worked at some of the country’s premier law firms.

Fordham provides more than clinical and externship programs; students can engage in extracurricular activities that keep them busy outside of class, such as student journals, moot court competitions, clubs and organizations and volunteer opportunities at Feerick Center for Social Justice or participate in law-related civic projects. Plus its location in Manhattan gives students easy access to attractions like Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts or Central Park!

Career Planning Center of our law school is committed to helping law students find employment and maximize their law school experience. They assist with job search strategies and conduct on-campus interviews each spring and fall. Furthermore, this office provides numerous resources such as an in-depth 1L Career Development Curriculum and Public Interest Resource Center that provide invaluable services.

Fordham Law School is located at the heart of Manhattan and accessible through multiple forms of public transit, with numerous routes running directly into campus. Moovit provides all-in-one transit app that helps users easily navigate to campus with schedules, costs and route details – even offline mode! Moovit has over 1.5 million users worldwide from 100+ countries/territories including users in Manhattan alone!

The Fordham Law Experience

Fordham Law is one of New York City’s top law schools. While not as selective as Columbia or NYU, this highly respected institution boasts successful alumni all across America and 75 other nations worldwide. Plus it is quite cost-effective with excellent job placement rates!

Fordham University’s curriculum is tailored to equip its students for careers in various legal fields. Core courses at Fordham include contracts, constitutional law, criminal law, property law and torts; with additional electives such as international human rights law or business law available. Students also take part in externships for practical experience within their desired area of law.

Fordham Law stands out among legal schools with its impressive curriculum and exceptional faculty. Many professors at Fordham are recognized experts in their respective fields and frequently cited in legal publications; additionally they teach various required courses such as criminal law and legal writing – plus they offer unique programs like Law Review Seminar that enable students to work on real legal cases!

As a first-year student, you’ll be assigned to one of five houses, or groups of students united by similar interests and goals. Each house is led by a faculty member; additionally, upper-year students serve as advisors and mentors throughout the year to keep students feeling connected both inside and outside of class. The house system aims to help all its members feel rooted and involved.

Once you have mastered the fundamentals, law school offers eight predesigned concentrations for you to select. While each concentration focuses differently, all will help prepare you to sit for the New York Bar Exam as well as work in various fields – in fact, their bar passage rate ranks amongst the highest nationwide.

The university is committed to diversity and inclusion. Its programs focus on aiding minority students as they enter the legal profession as well as encouraging women attorneys. Furthermore, pro bono work is encouraged as part of a lawyer’s training.

Manhattan University is situated in one of the world’s most culturally vibrant cities – an easy stroll away from Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and Columbus Circle, providing convenient access to everything the city has to offer. Students looking for financial aid must submit a resume highlighting professional/academic accomplishments, volunteer experiences and extracurricular activities in addition to fees/denonary charges/health insurance costs in order to receive funding. The Cost of Attendance at our school for 2022-2023 academic year covers tuition/fees/denary charges/health insurance costs included as part of COA calculations for 2022-2023 academic year covers tuition/fees/denonary charges/health insurance charges/health coverage costs (COA). To apply for financial aid consideration students should submit an updated resume detailing these achievements/experiences/extracurriculars/extras related to financial aid applications// extracurriculars/extras related to them before making application to our school/institute

The Fordham Law Community

Fordham Law alumni are making a difference every day – in courtrooms, boardrooms and government halls alike. Their energy and commitment are woven into both our law school’s fabric as well as that of its home city of Philadelphia.

Fordham students come from diverse backgrounds, yet all share a passion to maximize their full potential. At Fordham, they find a community of scholars and dedicated professionals who challenge them to think critically and creatively about pressing legal issues while offering opportunities to expand their networks and develop leadership abilities outside the classroom.

At the start of their first year, new students are welcomed by one of five house systems designed to offer them a supportive, intimate setting in which to navigate law school life. Guided by faculty house leaders and staffed with upper-year student mentors, these welcoming houses help newcomers adjust to law school life more smoothly. Over their first year here, students collaborate closely with housemates, professors, activities such as small group meetings or activities with fellow student mentors as they gain assistance and assistance from faculty mentors as they work closely with housemates and professors in small group meetings or activities, all while benefitting from fellow student mentors’ support from fellow law student mentors throughout.

At Fordham Law, our law school offers its students ample opportunity to find their scholarly niche and pursue their interests through student organizations and events. Students can join one of our many journals, join a competitive mock trial or arbitration team, connect with peers through social justice initiatives or network their interests by participating in pro bono or public service projects. Furthermore, diverse student groups provide an environment conducive to diversity and inclusion that helps newcomers adapt quickly while serving the broader Fordham community.

Fordham Law is also proud of our place within an extensive community-based network that engages high-achieving college students to explore law as a passion and prepare them for successful legal careers. Each summer, for instance, Fordham hosts the CCNY Skadden Arps Honors Program which brings students together with Fordham faculty and administrators for an intensive law school experience.

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