Illinois Attorney Generals

The Attorney General serves as legal adviser for State agencies and is charged with overseeing all legal affairs pertaining to the State. Their office prosecutes and defends civil lawsuits wherein the State is party.

Illinoisans deserve access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare and information – including contraception and abortion – which my office will work tirelessly for.

1. Kwame Raoul

Kwame Raoul has served as Attorney General of Illinois since 2019 and is a Democrat. As an experienced lawyer who brings years of public service and advocacy work to his role as Illinois’ Chief Legal Officer, Raoul works to protect victims of violence, expand access to affordable health care options and protect women’s right to choose abortion according to his campaign website. Furthermore, Raoul created and leads an Organized Retail Crime Network Takedown Taskforce while safeguarding children against online predators with the Illinois Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce.

The Attorney General serves a constitutional duty as legal advisor and representative for state agencies, providing them with advice and representation in legal matters. Their office litigates to enforce state laws as they should be, defend against federal attacks on affordable health care, women’s rights, environmental concerns and civil rights; pursue criminal justice reform measures including police misconduct lawsuits against Chicago’s police department – as well as pursue criminal justice reform efforts such as police misconduct suits filed against its police force.

2. Bill Brady

As Illinois’ highest ranking law enforcement official, the attorney general was initially an appointed position. Today he or she serves as head of public access counselor and prosecutes multi-county grand jury cases concerning serious crime or legal issues impacting Illinois.

The Attorney General’s General Law Bureau acts as the state’s defense firm, overseeing civil trial litigation relating to lawsuits filed against it or its agencies as well as constitutional challenges, personal injuries, property damages, injunction actions, bankruptcy proceedings, class actions or licensing issues.

The office is also equipped to address the unique needs of senior citizens who are victims of Medicaid system fraud, financial exploitation and abuse at long-term care facilities. Furthermore, this office prosecutes civil qui tam cases in both state and federal court. Bill Brady has served in state legislature for over 20 years first as state representative then since 2002 representing District 44 on Illinois Senate. In 2017, his peers elected him Senate Republican Leader.

3. Judy Baxter

Judy Yvonne Baxter of White Hall went home to be with God on Friday, September 24, 2021 after living 71 years on this earth. Born May 9, 1948 to Tracy Joe Valentine (deceased) and Aminell Davis Valentine (both deceased), Judy leaves one son Bill “Bobo” Stover; four grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren behind to mourn her passing. Memorials may be made to First United Methodist Church Organ Fund in her name.

Public Integrity Bureau investigates cases ranging from Official Misconduct committed by state, county and city officials and employees to government vendor fraud and grant scams. Investigations may involve complex wire, mail and money laundering schemes.

The Illinois Attorney General’s Civil Rights Division strives to uphold fundamental liberties for all Illinoisans by upholding state and federal civil rights laws and combatting discrimination against minorities, women, and children. The division also plays an instrumental role in fighting Trump Administration attacks on civil rights such as its rollback of Title IX protections for college students.

4. Jim Ryan

The Attorney General serves as Illinois’ chief law enforcement official, responsible for investigating and prosecuting crimes that violate state or federal law as well as overseeing civil rights protection, environmental safeguards and representing Illinois before federal courts such as the US Supreme Court.

According to Illinois law (15 ILCS 205/4), the attorney general is required to assist state’s attorneys when necessary, when in their view it serves the public interest. This involves providing advice and assistance with investigations and trials.

As the Trump Administration undermines civil rights protections, Illinois Attorney General must take a strong stance for equality and fairness. For example, she must fight Betsy DeVos’ attempts to strip Title IX protections for college students who report rape or sexual assault and defend access to reproductive health care that has been threatened on a federal level.

5. John Cullerton

John Cullerton represents Illinois’ 6th legislative district as an Illinois Senator and House representative. Beginning his legislative career in 1979, John has worked in government relations, zoning, licensing, real estate tax assessment and nonprofit law.

As attorney general, he spearheads numerous key state initiatives to support victims of violent crime, dismantle organized retail crime networks and shield children from online predators. Additionally, he works on issues pertaining to veterans, environmentalism and public safety.

Attorney General Walker is one of several attorneys general who are standing up against the Trump administration’s anti-civil rights policies, advocating for criminal justice reform, supporting laws and programs to increase access to quality health care and reproductive services, protecting our natural resources and safeguarding democratic institutions. Furthermore, he remains dedicated to upholding Arizona state open government laws such as Freedom of Information Act and Open Meetings Act.

6. Pat Quinn

Illinois’ Attorney General serves as its top legal officer, overseeing compliance with state laws. Their office prosecutes Medicaid fraud cases, investigates long-term care facility abuse or neglect complaints and handles civil qui tam cases.

Quinn may say he’s no troublemaker, but that doesn’t stop him from intervening when needed. For instance, he helped organize a campaign whereby citizens sent used tea bags directly to state legislators in an effort to stop them from giving themselves generous pay raises upon being elected.

Former Governor Reagan also led an unsuccessful effort to put term limits on Chicago mayors on the ballot in 2004. Long known for promoting transparency in government, he supported legislation barring public officials from accepting gifts and reforming donations limits for candidates and elected offices.

7. Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner served as Governor of Illinois from 2015 to 2019, leading an effort to forge a bipartisan budget compromise and avoid a two-year state government shutdown. Under his tenure, equal funding for charter schools was achieved and tuition scholarship tax credits established, an 1115 Medicaid waiver made Illinois a leader in mental health services and criminal justice system reform was undertaken to reduce recidivism rates.

As Attorney General of Illinois, Rauner defends the state against lawsuits while overseeing 10 legal divisions that address issues including consumer fraud, sexual assault, financial exploitation of senior citizens and veterans’ affairs. His jurisdiction extends to prosecuting public access violations and upholding Freedom of Information Act requirements; additionally he works towards maintaining safe communities by combatting sexual assault cases, advocating for after school programs that address safety issues like cyberbullying and dating violence among children.

8. John Ryan

As an active figure in reform activities, writing articles and testifying before legislative committees. He joined influential Progressive organizations like Florence Kelly to push for social transformation.

As part of his representation for Illinois in antitrust cases, he worked tirelessly to stop companies from engaging in anticompetitive practices that harm consumers or important state interests. These investigations can involve local, regional, or even nationwide investigation scope.

The General Law Bureau serves as the legal defense firm for the State, its officers and agencies, employees, and any potential creditors of these bodies. It handles both defensive and affirmative litigation in areas such as tort law, labor law, employment discrimination claims, bankruptcy law, construction law contract law contract law civil rights issues as well as constitutional disputes.

The Medicaid Fraud Control Unit investigates and prosecutes fraud, embezzlement and other crimes involving Medicaid programs. It litigates civil qui tam cases in state and federal courts; additionally it works to protect seniors from consumer fraud or abuse as well as financial exploitation of seniors.

9. Jim Ryan

Once graduating from Chicago-Kent College of Law and attending Illinois Benedictine, Ryan joined DuPage County state’s attorney’s office. Through an aggressive crime-fighting agenda he quickly rose through the ranks to statewide office; becoming well known for his pledge of “keeping the law on the books.”

Criminal Trials Bureau staff specialize in handling complex and sophisticated fraud, insurance and securities fraud, embezzlement schemes, bank fraud, money laundering, land acquisition corruption and murder cases referred from federal, state and county state’s attorneys offices.

The Policy Division creates and implements policy initiatives; staffs committees and task forces; interacts with local, state and federal agencies; conducts outreach and training programs; as well as working on issues like access to quality healthcare and reproductive services, economic protection for senior citizens’ safety as well as children’s security online. Furthermore, this division promotes fair housing practices while protecting natural environments while representing Illinois against lawsuits or legal actions brought against it.