How to Choose Which Lawyer is Best for You

which lawyer is best

Select an attorney with whom you have an excellent rapport. Many attorneys provide free consultations so potential clients can assess them better.

Request recommendations from friends and family or search online, making a list of candidates with notes on each. Many attorneys also maintain websites with information on their practice including client testimonials.


Personality plays a pivotal role in how lawyers meet the needs of their clients. Lawyers with an affinity for Thinking may seek the most efficient, direct solutions while those favored by Feeling might consider more humane alternatives. Furthermore, those preferring Judging often approach life more strategically while those preferring Perceiving tend to live life spontaneously.

Dr Larry Richard of US psychologist conducted research on lawyers using the Caliper Profile which measures 18 personality traits; using this tool he found that 6 of them differ significantly from the general population.


Modern clients and other lawyers alike often check your online reputation before hiring you as legal representation. While this may be daunting, you can manage what people see about you by creating a strategy for managing it.

Maintain your attorney and law firm’s online reputation effectively by regularly Googling yourself (using incognito mode to avoid being affected by browser history) to gain an idea of what people see when searching your name or those of your attorneys. This will give you an idea of how other searchers see you or the names of your attorneys when conducting searches on these terms.

Make it easier for potential clients to locate you by having strong attorney biographies and an informative home page, as well as claiming your profiles on various lawyer/law firm directories. And never make up reviews: even the best, most attentive, and compassionate attorneys may get bad reviews from disgruntled clients or overzealous pro se litigants.

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