What to Do When Your Attorney Leaves You Hanging

It can be discouraging when your attorney fails to communicate or collaborate with you. To resolve the situation, send them a polite letter or fax outlining your worries and request for an informal meeting. In the long run, this could be a negative indicator for your case. You may want to consider finding new representation […]

What Lawyer Makes the Most Money Representing Personal Injury Victims?

Lawyers come in many forms and each makes a different amount of money due to their specialty. Some attorneys specialize in tax law, real estate law, personal injury and bankruptcy law; while others work within corporate America. Each field has its own distinct demands, pay structure and degree of complexity to the work. Personal Injury […]

What Happened to Lawyer Who Is Not a Cat?

Unbeknown to him, a Texas lawyer dressed up as an adorable feline during a virtual hearing – winning over both cat lovers and lawyers alike with this video that quickly went viral and has become a cultural phenomenon. Rod Ponton, better known as Zoom cat lawyer, had difficulty taking off a filter on his phone […]

Who Pays Attorney Fees in Child Custody Cases?

Typically, attorney fees in custody cases are left up to the judge’s discretion. This decision is based on both the merits of the case and financial circumstances of both parents. If you’re a parent facing a custody dispute, it’s wise to consult an attorney immediately. A lawyer can advise on whether litigation or alternative dispute […]