What Lawyer Do I Need?

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when trying to decide which lawyer you need for your individual situation. From traffic tickets and armed robberies, to family law issues and intellectual property violations, there are numerous legal matters which require legal counsel. Fortunately, finding the right lawyer doesn’t have to be a complex process. All that requires […]

Where Is Lincoln Lawyer From?

Mickey Haller has always preferred to practice criminal defense from the backseat of his Lincoln Town Car. He represents clients ranging from corrupt cops and bikers to con artists and scam artists. After being sidelined due to an accident, hotshot attorney Mickey Haller is determined to relaunch both his career and Lincoln when he takes […]

Lawyer Who Was a Cat Goes Viral

A lawyer captured the hearts of cat lovers everywhere by appearing as a kitten during a virtual court hearing. His video, in which he attempted to remove an emotional feline filter representing himself on screen, went viral quickly. After the incident, Texas Judge who presided over the hearing issued an important Zoom tip: to check […]

How Law School Admissions Considers Your Personal Statement

Most law schools utilize a rolling admissions process, meaning they review applications as they come in. Submitting your application early can give you an edge over later applicants – which is always beneficial! To begin your application to law school, create a list of criteria that will help you narrow your search. This should include […]