Choosing Where to Apply to Law School

Dependent upon your situation, taking time off between college and law school may be in your best interests. Even so, mastering skills necessary for law school admission should always be prioritized. Order transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate schools you have attended and send them directly to LSAC, along with filing the FAFSA. Location Making […]

What Attorney General Does

Attorney generals serve as representatives for their state governments by providing legal counsel and prosecuting cases on its behalf. Their duties vary by state but typically include providing assistance with federal matters as well as investigating violations to Constitutional rights. One of the primary responsibilities of an attorney general is offering legal opinions to government […]

Negotiating With Your Attorney When Buying a House

Home purchases are among the biggest decisions many will ever make in their lifetimes, and any misstep can have far greater repercussions than, for instance, purchasing an unsuitable car or making unwise stock investments. Buyer’s attorneys can be invaluable resources in helping to navigate real estate transactions smoothly. Their extensive experience can assist with understanding […]

How Law School Curves Work

Your first year at law school will likely feel vastly different from your college experience. The teaching methods and exams will be unfamiliar, while you’ll spend a significant amount of time reading legal cases. Most law courses feature one final exam that counts for 100% of your final grade. However, some schools provide midterms and […]