What Type of Law is Personal Injury?

Personal injury law (known as tort law ) allows injured parties to file civil suits when someone breaches their professional obligations or acts with malicious intent, such as car accidents, medical malpractice and product liability lawsuits (defective products). Common claims include car crashes, medical malpractice claims and product liability (defective products). An attempt at litigation […]

How to Become a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce lawyers help their clients navigate the complicated legal processes associated with divorce, child custody, alimony payments and property division. Their quality of service depends on several factors. Selecting an attorney that suits your case takes research and personal recommendations. Look for attorneys with expertise in mediation or alternative dispute resolution approaches such as collaborative […]

Divorce Without a Lawyer – How to Do it Yourself

Divorce proceedings can be complex and have far-reaching ramifications. There’s plenty of information online, but some of it could prove misleading or cost more in the long run than anticipated. If both spouses agree on all issues, you can pursue an uncontested divorce. The process will resemble that of a contested one and you will […]

How Lawyers Work

Lawyers provide advice, representation or advocacy services to individuals, businesses and organizations on legal matters pertaining to criminal law, family law and real estate law. Legal jobs are notoriously competitive, with long hours resulting in substantial strain on personal and professional health, not to mention stress which may adversely impact mental well-being. Work Hours Lawyers’ […]