Should You Hire a Lawyer When Buying a House?

Though most homebuyers do not require legal counsel, there are certain situations when having one on hand is beneficial. Here are a few of them: A purchase contract outlines every element of the deal, from price to property description and closing date. A lawyer can review this document to guarantee it accurately reflects your expectations […]

How to Practice Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law gives victims the right to sue for damages caused by another’s carelessness or intentional actions. In order to receive damages, the plaintiff must demonstrate that a defendant’s actions caused injury – this is known as causation. Anyone injured due to someone else’s carelessness should seek legal counsel immediately. Personal injury attorneys are […]

Understanding Your Rights in a Divorce

Once you’ve decided to get divorced, it is essential to understand your legal rights. There may be multiple issues involved in your case such as property division and alimony/child support payments. If your case is complex, you may want to consult an attorney. This could be beneficial if there are matters such as military pensions […]

Why Law School is Hard

Admitted to law school can be a challenge, but the first year can prove even more challenging due to the distinct teaching methods used at law schools compared to most undergraduate colleges. Professors often employ the case method instead of the traditional lecture style that most undergrads were familiar with. This requires extensive reading and […]