Where the Crawdads Sing

Kya spends her days alone in a marshy region, communing with nature. A shy yet deeply connected individual, Kya meets Tate who lives nearby and they develop feelings for each other.

Daisy Edgar-Jones (Normal People, Under the Banner of Heaven) delivers an outstanding performance as Kya. This complex character offers both fierceness and warmth in equal measures.


Delia Owens’ best-selling novel was turned into an intriguing film adaptation, which blends themes of survival and coexisting with nature with murder mystery elements and romance. Daisy Edgar-Jones (Family Jewels) stars as Kya, an isolated woman living alone in a marsh who interacts with nature while communicating through art; Tate Walker (Taylor John Smith) becomes her romantic interest before the murder of Chase Andrews sends her life spiralling out of control.

Owens draws upon her background as a zoologist when creating her characters in this story, drawing parallels between animal behavior and human interactions. Set in Barkley Cove, North Carolina – Owens spent part of her childhood there and observed how people dealt with natural disasters while also forming meaningful relationships – her characters come alive!

Through out the movie, we see flashbacks of Kya, commonly referred to as “The Marsh Girl.” She lives with an abusive father who abandons her, few close friends in her community and learns how to survive in nature’s vast expanses with its wildlife as she becomes an expert on its inhabitants; eventually even learning to read using books about animals!

David Strathairn, Michael Hyatt, Ahna O’Reilly, Bill Kelly and Garret Dillahunt star in this powerful ensemble cast film based on Delia Owens’ book of the same name. Owens is known for her work in zoology and conservation as well as extensive work in Zambia where she uses her knowledge of wildlife to fight poachers and criminal activity involving poachers; winning numerous awards as a result – many nominations.


Filming Where the Crawdads Sing on location in Louisiana’s swamps and marshes was not without its difficulties, however. Cast included rising stars as well as established Hollywood talent; director Olivia Newman utilized natural lighting, lending it an immersive feel; cinematographer Polly Morgan captured many vibrant hues.

The movie is adapted from Delia Owens’s best-selling novel and follows Kya, an orphan who lives alone in North Carolina’s marshes after both parents abandoned her as an infant. Though shunned by other residents, Kya finds comfort in living an isolated life; when wealthy local boy Chase Andrews is killed she quickly becomes the primary suspect and the movie follows her trial with help from attorney Tom Milton (David Strathairn).

Where the Crawdads Sing offers an impressive cast, as well as an unforgettable soundtrack by Taylor Swift that is sure to become a classic in its own right. Additionally, its themes of empowerment and hopefulness will appeal to audiences everywhere.

No matter its omissions, Where the Crawdads Sing remains an engaging drama that fans of the book should watch. Featuring both young actors and established Hollywood talent – both young and veteran alike – and shot on location in Barkley Cove North Carolina and New Orleans; its release is set for July 15. One of the finest adaptations ever seen on screen in recent memory! This adaptation promises to increase novel sales while giving emerging actors an opportunity to showcase their skills.


Reese Witherspoon produced and Lucy Alibar wrote the screenplay for Where the Crawdads Sing, an adaptation of Delia Owens’ best-selling novel which follows Kya Clark (Daisy Edgar-Jones) an orphan who spends her teen years living alone in North Carolina marshes forming bonds with wildlife and developing deep emotional connections to her surroundings. Additionally, there are elements of murder mystery as well as coming-of-age.

While the film does capture the spirit of the book, cinematic changes were made for cinematic effect. For example, Chase Andrews became more fully developed in the movie than in its source material; these adaptations make the story more captivating and accessible to audiences; its cast includes both newcomers as well as established Hollywood actors.

Daisy Edgar-Jones shines in Where the Crawdads Sing with an impressive performance as Kya Clark. She was widely lauded for conveying complex emotions while maintaining genuine humanity within her role. Taylor John Smith plays Tate Walker – Kya’s love interest. During filming of Where the Crawdads Sing they shared off-screen moments together fishing and boating together, which resulted in some close kinship between both actors off screen as well.

Film Description: Though this movie does not boast much action, it remains enjoyable viewing and boasts an outstanding cast including Michael Hyatt, Sterling Macer Jr. and Ahna O’Reilly. Filming took place both in New Orleans and Barkley Cove in North Carolina with challenges arising during production such as floods and alligators; certain scenes had to be reshot due to weather conditions.


Where the Crawdads Sing was an absolute perfect candidate for film adaptation, even before Reese Witherspoon selected it for her Hello Sunshine book club. Fans were eagerly anticipating seeing Kya and her North Carolina marshes come alive on screen – and with its release set for July, anticipation is mounting further still. It boasts an all-star cast as well as Taylor Swift’s original song as part of its soundtrack and connections to real murder cases that give way to real justice.

Lucy Alibar adapted Delia Owens’ novel of the same name into a screenplay for this film. Kya, an outcast from her community following her father’s departure, lives alone in North Carolina marshes for years rescuing and raising wild animals such as an owl family she rescues and raises during that time; during this time she also fosters unique relationships between wildlife and herself while teaching others to appreciate nature.

Daisy Edgar-Jones stars as Kya, the main protagonist in this film. With an engaging face that skillfully balances severity and tenderness, she makes for a captivating lead role. Additionally, this movie does an admirable job showing Kya’s evolving character arc.

Harris Dickinson plays Chase Andrews, the man accused of killing Kya. Though widely revered in Barkley Cove, Kya uncovers his darker secrets which lead her to suspect him of the crime.

The film is beautifully shot, and its cast does an outstanding job of portraying their respective roles. Packed with drama and suspense, this is worth checking out if you enjoy books about the deep South.


Where the Crawdads Sing was an obvious candidate for adaptation into film ever since its success on bestseller lists and Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine book club. Though not without flaws, this adaptation still manages to stand out as something different from its counterparts due to a stellar cast including Daisy Edgar-Jones and Taylor John Smith.

Kya’s tale as an abandoned young woman growing up in North Carolina marshland is told through flashbacks. The movie explores her childhood while also interweaving it with her murder trial for Chase Andrews (a game warden). Harris Dickinson and Ahna O’Reilly star as Kya in this feature film.

This true drama strikes a balance between coming-of-age tale and murder mystery thriller, yet can also be quite long and uneven in parts. Jumping between unnecessary flashbacks (mostly dull) and courtroom scenes can become confusing; characters do not become fully realized either.

Cinematography in The Sandcastle is exquisite, especially the scenes filmed in Louisiana’s marshes and swamps by director Olivia Newman capturing a range of hues through light. This film has an eye-catching appearance; well worth seeing.