What Happened to Lawyer Who Is Not a Cat?

lawyer who is not a cat

Unbeknown to him, a Texas lawyer dressed up as an adorable feline during a virtual hearing – winning over both cat lovers and lawyers alike with this video that quickly went viral and has become a cultural phenomenon.

Rod Ponton, better known as Zoom cat lawyer, had difficulty taking off a filter on his phone when he appeared before Judge Roy Ferguson in Presidio County’s civil forfeiture case on Tuesday morning.

What Happened?

What Happened to Hillary Clinton, a lawyer who has served the United States government for four decades. She has earned a deserved reputation as having an even-tempered temperament and for being smart and principled; however, Hillary has also faced intense male hatred in some quarters.

She is the subject of a new memoir, What Happened, published by Simon & Schuster in September 2017. The book details her 2016 campaign for president of the United States and was written following her defeat to Donald Trump; it includes an epilogue that explores many of her worst fears coming true during this turbulent era.

This book, which primarily contains personal anecdotes about her campaign and post-election life, was written for a general audience. Its style and tone follow in the tradition of political memoirs with chapters such as “Perseverance,” “Grit and Gratitude” and “Making History.” While providing inspirational quotes from Rilke, various Roosevelts, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Hamilton and other writers throughout, these are not the primary focus.

What Happened is an engaging book, but it’s not the best memoir I’ve read. It offers no new theories about why the election failed and doesn’t provide a comprehensive account of events. While this memoir may be well written and engaging, it falls short of being the essential work it needed to be.

It can be hard to decide whether What Happened is worth reading. While some parts are captivating, others seem to simply spin events in an unhelpful manner. The chapters where Clinton airs her grievances–whether about email handling, paid speeches, or her decision to put coal miners out of business–tend to be the most effective ones. These may not always be the most captivating parts of her story–but they speak directly to what happened after President Trump’s loss–are those which speak most directly to what transpired to her personally after her loss.

Judge’s Response

Judges are appointed or elected officials who oversee legal proceedings, assess cases for merit and rule on questions of law. They can preside over trials, hearings or other court sessions on matters ranging from individual traffic offenses to complex legal issues like corporate mergers and bankruptcy filings.

Judges are impartial decision-makers whose role it is to apply the law in a given situation and ensure all parties’ rights are safeguarded. They listen intently to evidence and arguments, decide if a case should proceed to trial, and rule on legal matters such as search warrants, arrest warrants, bail conditions etc.

Judges frequently participate in virtual calls via video conferencing applications such as Zoom. Indeed, this practice of judging via Zoom has become an increasingly popular option among attorneys nationwide.

On Tuesday, Rod Ponton accidentally dialed into a Zoom call during his civil forfeiture case without realizing his face had transformed into the cutest white kitten. His hilarious mishap went viral and has been celebrated as an instant classic by many online users.

394th District Judge Roy Ferguson captured a YouTube video of Ponton trying to disable a cat filter in Zoom app which shows him wearing a white kitten mask over his face.

After some frustration, the lawyer eventually managed to disable the kitten’s bizarre facial filter. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite that straightforward as expected.

One of the things I was most struck by in this video was the judge’s reaction. He congratulated Ponton on his accomplishment and praised his team for their professionalism.

He made sure to point out that he’d previously seen a similar case on YouTube wherein a lawyer couldn’t turn off the kitten’s bizarre filter. Despite its comedic nature, this Zoom cat mishap served as an excellent reminder that before joining any video call with Zoom, make sure all options have been turned off.

What’s Next?

On a civil forfeiture hearing in Texas’ 394th Judicial District Court, county attorney Rod Ponton found himself in the spotlight for something other than his superb legal wit. A video of the event went viral across the Internet as an instant classic – joining videos like Knife Kid and BBC Dad. In it, Ponton stands out from everyone with his tattooed neck of an octopus as he struggles to turn off the cat filter on his Zoom call. As one of three lawyers to see a white kitten mask appear on his screen–this is how to turn off filters–Ponton manages to return his real face before proceedings end.

What’s the Catch?

“What’s the catch?” is often asked as a response to an offer that appears too good to be true, when people believe something is being presented without hidden issues or drawbacks. If you have ever attempted to purchase something online, you know there are numerous potential pitfalls that could go wrong – from poor-quality products to scams. The catch could range anywhere from an inadequate return policy or other issues.

It’s a common expression among romantic partners searching for someone special. If someone says there’s a catch, it usually implies there is some hidden agenda or complexity behind their request. However, sometimes this isn’t the case – especially when friends ask you for favors. In one notable instance, lawyer Rod Ponton attempted to disable a cat filter on video conferencing app Zoom during court hearing and his declaration under oath that he wasn’t cat caused his video to go viral online and become the subject of an iconic clarifying phrase now used worldwide as part of court filing processes worldwide.