Who is Attorney General of Pakistan?

Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP) serves as the principal legal adviser to the government. As constitutional officer of Pakistan, he has the power to give advice to President on legal matters. Last year, the federal government began searching for a replacement AGP after former AGP Ashtar Ausaf Ali announced his resignation due to health reasons. […]

Where to Check Attorney Credentials

Before investing any money into an attorney, it’s essential to confirm she holds the necessary license. Otherwise, you could end up wasting both time and money — or worse still, get subpar service. You can check if an attorney is licensed in your state by entering their name into the search function on the association’s […]

New York Attorney General Salary

The attorney general of New York is the highest paid state attorney general in America. This position involves representing both the state and its people in legal proceedings. The salary of an attorney general varies considerably based on their location and years of experience. On average, New York attorneys earn around $104,710 annually. Job description […]