How Is Personal Injury Calculated?

Damages are a crucial aspect of settlement negotiations in personal injury cases. Damages may encompass both economic losses and non-economic injuries. Economic damages refer to tangible costs such as medical bills, lost wages and property damage that cannot be replaced. They tend to be easier to calculate than non-economic damages. Pain and Suffering Pain and […]

What to Know About Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is a type of civil litigation that seeks to remedy injuries caused by negligence. Its goal is to make injured parties whole again and prevent future similar offenses from taking place. If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit for personal injury, it is essential to understand how the legal system functions. […]

Which Lawyer Makes More Money?

A legal career can offer you a secure source of income. However, how much you make depends on several factors. Your salary can be determined by your practice area, law school education and where you work. Generally speaking, lawyers in corporate law tend to earn the highest salaries. Personal Injury Lawyers When it comes to […]

What Attorney General Does

The attorney general serves as the principal legal advisor to the government, offering guidance to the sovereign, cabinet, Government Legal Department, ministers and parliament. The attorney general provides advice on rule of law issues and devolved legislation, with the purpose of avoiding political meddling with justice. Enforcement of Laws The attorney general serves as legal […]